Definitions for "AIFF-C"
Keywords:  interchange, omf, ima, mace, compressed
Compressed AIFF - AIFF-C is a lossy-compression extension of AIFF that uses various algorithms for the compression. The most common are IMA, MACE-3 and MACE-6 algorithms, which have a 4:1, 3:1, and 6:1 compression ratio, respectively. See also: AIFF, MACE
Audio Interchange File Format-Condensed. A sampled-sound file format that allows for the storage of audio data. This format is primarily used as data interchange format but can be used as a storage format as well. OMF Interchange includes AIFF-C as a common interchange format for non-compressed audio data.
See: Audio Interchange File Format Extension for Compression (AIFF-C)