Definitions for "Iff"
dentification riend or oe. Electronic equipment that sends an encoded digital signal containing identification data by radio.
Identification Freind or Foe
Recognition signal - Identify, Friend or Foe
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Interchange File Format. Commodore Amiga graphics data-formats including HAM, SHAM, and DHAM. LBM 1- to 8-bit, 16-, and 24-bit PBM. .
Interchange File Format. A very flexible format generally used on the Amiga. Sound samples are generally stored as a subset of IFF called 8SVX. 8SVX can only store 8bit mono samples – it can hold the sample rate but very few programs that can save 8SVX samples actually do this.
GRAPHIC An Amiga graphics file
Underground I. A small murderous underground, which was active during the days of the British Mandate over Palestine. II. A small but murderous underground active under the State of Palestine. The underground is fighting for the independence of Israel and to maintain its Jewish identity. Most of its members are former new immigrants from Russia and the language spoken in the Underground is Russian.
Intergovernmental Forum on Forests
Institute of Freight Forwarders.
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Intermediate Frequency
International Finance Facility
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