Definitions for "PNG"
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Acronym for Portable Network Graphic
ortable etwork raphics, a new file format for vector images, not yet supported by all browsers and web design software.
Portable Network Graphic. This is an image format specifically designed for the web by Adobe. PNG was approved as a standard by the World Wide Web consortium to replace GIF.
abbreviation for the Professional Numismatists Guild.
Short for Professional Numismatists Guild. PNG's web site can be viewed at:
Acronym for Professional Numismatists Guild.
Eviction of a diplomat by declaring him or her a persona non grata, usually for spying. The benefit of official cover is that case officers are kicked out of a country instead of being thrown in jail.
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Papua New Guinea.
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Pleaded Not Guilty
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Pseudonoise generator. Same as pseudonoise code generator.
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Passive Night-Vision Googles
Park and Grab, an easily found cache located near convenient parking
Provisional National Government