Definitions for "Animated GIF"
A GIF89a file that contains multiple images and that can be viewed as an animated sequence of images in a web browser. Animated GIFs are widely used on the web because they are relatively small and do not require a plug-in for the web browser.
This is an image that appears to change or move on your screen. It is made up of two or more frames which are shown in succession.
An animated GIF or an animation is just that: an animated cartoon that brings life to projects such as Web pages and greeting cards. It is called a GIF because it uses the GIF file format. Hemera® provides thousands of animated GIF images in The Big Box of Art® collections.
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an intrusive and rude wart on the surface of the web
The simplest form of animation on the web. Very limited and space consuming.
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a miniture movie reel
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Home Page Portal
a little film, compatible with most browsers, which is most often viewed in a loop