Definitions for "IMAGES"
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Pictures, logos, etc. ending in the extension .gif, .bmp, .jpg.
Images used on Web pages are usually in jpg or gif format: .jpg files are generally used for photographs .gif files are normally used for graphics like buttons & animated images. You will need to use a graphics program such as MS Paint, PaintShop Pro or Photoshop if it is necessary to reduce your file sizes. More on Images - and where to find the images you want for your Website Copying (Downloading) an Image View the mc² Photo Gallery & Slide Show In this Glossary, see also: Copyright Avatars Text Only
The photographs or drawings that illustrate each product or category. Each product has a small "thumbnail" image in the product list, and a full-sized image for its own page. Each category can have a "tree" image, shown in the Category menu, and a "title" image for its Category page. L • M
A subtable used as an organizational tool. Contains the images Frontier will render when called by the imageRef or bgImageRef macros.
This table will contain the images Frontier will render when called by the imageRef or bgImageRef macros.
contains few images. It was intended to be the main directory for TILT images, though we found it more manageable to create an images/ subdirectory within each module.
contains few images. There is a separate images/ subdirectory within each module.
Images is a 1972 psychological thriller directed by Robert Altman.
The squaring of the waveform that happens in the conversion of digital audio bits into analog signals.
A bit-by-bit duplicate of a backup tape or hard drive that is forensically sound.
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The Middle School yearbook.
a website design, development and ecommerce solution company
In item processing a digital representations of an actual check item.