Definitions for "Robert "
an expert in restoration, refurbishment and interior design, with particular emphasis on Commercial and Financial Institutions and Retail and Domestic buildings
a web designer, developer, and specialized graphic designer at Livinglinks
"Robert" and "Original by Robert" were costume jewelry marks used by the Fashioncraft Jewelry Company (founded by Robert Levey, David Jaffe, and Irving Landsman in the 1942. These high-priced, hand-made pieces are often complex, having beads and pearls, rhinestones, enamel, and/or floral designs; they are often similar to some Miriam Haskell pieces. Robert jewelry was used in some Hollywood films, including the 1952 movie "Viva Zapata." Robert pieces were produced until around 1975.
United States parliamentary authority and author (in 1876) of Robert's Rules of Order (1837-1923)
a well-known author, and one of the core pioneers of NLP
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A spicy brown sauce containing onions and vinegar, served with game and other meats.
a graduate of the Georgia State University Physical Therapy program
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Robert 2 is a robot, but doesn't exist yet. This project intend to develop all the software to build it
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See Herb Robert, under Herb.
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a really great photographer to work with