Definitions for "Therapy"
The treatment of a physical or mental disease
the treatment of a disease or disorder
a concept of utilizing existing natural substances in an attempt to induce re-differentiation and apoptosis in cancer cells, or in cells undergoing malignant transformation
an inborn genetic system by which the cancer cell may be able to revert back to a normal, non-malignant condition under certain circumstances
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Therapy might include exercise, splinting, positioning, using compression garments, transparent face masks or learning about how to best help the body heal after a burn. Working on therapy is a part of getting well after a burn injury.
an advanced and complex healing system that was brought to the Western world by Tina Sohn, who personally developed the technique from the classical Oriental art
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Therapy is a 1989 album by Loudon Wainwright III.
an oxygen device known as a CPAP (Continuous-Positive Airway Pressure)
a procedure performed in an office or outpatient setting and usually requires only minimal anesthesia
a vital part of the MUA procedure and is accomplished the same day as the procedure to help continue the alteration of adhesions in the joints, joint capsules, and surrounding holding elements
A systematic approach, method, or process designed to heal, restore, health, promote general well-being.
the practice of giving systematic attention to another`s process with the intention of facilitating (literally `making easier`) the other`s personal growth or self-discovery.
a method of restoring the flow of
the use of modalities, or machines, to augment the adjustment. May include ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, traction, massage, heat/cold, infrared, laser, and others.
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Therapy (1995) is a novel by British author David Lodge.
an interactive dialogue between therapist and client that works to uncover hidden beliefs, feelings and assumptions that prevent the client from leading a healthy and fulfilling life
a simplified system of scientific acupuncture
a libertarian technique, which is based on observing group
A generic term used to describe the application of any medical, psychiatric, psychological or alternative designed to promote health and well-being.
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a 'receptive' intervention
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See Counselling.
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