Definitions for "Counselling"
an attempt by a counsellor to help a counsellee to explore and own their strengths and weaknesses so that the strengths are reinforced and suitable actions are taken to improve performance..
The process whereby one or both parties in a relationship meet in the presence of a counsellor to discuss problems and explore solutions• Divorce• Family Counselling and Dispute Resolution• Family Court Procedures• Major Long Term Issues• Property Settlement• Separation• Sterilisation & Medical Procedures• Time with
Known as the 'talking therapy'. Clients are given the opportunity to talk through their problems and how they feel about them in a therapeutic setting. Counsellors do not generally advice, rather they actively listen and help the client to reach their own solutions with support.
Should you decide to make a consumer proposal or declare bankruptcy, the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act requires that counselling be provided to you. This counselling must be given by a counsellor registered with the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy.
A process under which services of a qualified counsellor are made available to assist and educate bankrupts and/or relatives of bankrupts, or consumer debtors, on good financial management, including prudent use of consumer credit and budgeting principles; in developing successful strategies for achieving financial goals and overcoming financial setbacks; and at any time, where appropriate, making referrals to deal with non-budgetary causes of insolvency (e.g.: gambling, addiction, marital and family problems, etc.).
The University Counselling Service provides counselling on a broad range of issues, including adjusting to university life, family or relationship issues, depression, anxiety, lack of motivation and issues with faculty staff. The counselling service is free to all University of Melbourne students. The Careers Unit also offers careers counselling, and the Student Union Advisory Service and the Postgraduate Association also provide support and advocacy for students.
Help provided by a member of staff (tutor, mentor, etc) or a peer (student) in relation to educational or, more commonly, personal matters. See also Supporting students
a service for members and their families
See: Trauma Counselling, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
is another service that is much like providing spiritual guidance.
Generally refers to one on one assistance with personal issues.