Definitions for "CLS"
Community Leadership Solutions (The Center for Leadership and Learning training initiative project)
Commonwealth Learning Scholarships. Scholarships to assist students from low socio-economic backgrounds, who are Australian citizens or holders of permanent humanitarian visas, with costs associated with higher education.
See Commonwealth Learning Scholarships.
The Clear Screen routine is a method associated with the PictureWindow Object. Form: Picture1.Cls
CLS Clears the terminal screen.
MS-DOS command used to clear the screen of commands and any output generated by them. It does not clear the user's history of commands, however. In most other environments, like for instance Linux and Unix the same functionality is provided by the clear command.
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Corsi di Lauree Specialistiche
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or Class specifies the actual class or exception rating to be used in conjunction with the discount, weight breaks, and payment terms provided. Provisions subjected to the code "UNR" in this column will apply in connection with all commodities listed in the NMFC without regard to class or rating. Provisions subjected to the code DBR will be rated using the density based rates tariff ABFS 505.
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Campus Life Services
A service which allows the transfer of information among service subscribers without the need for end-to-end establishment procedures.
Consortium Loan Service, an online borrowing system among WRLC libraries.
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combat lifesaver
California Lightning Sprints.
Collecte, Localisation, Satellites
Satellite collection and localisation of data (Toulouse)
contractor logistical support
Canadian lumber standard = framing timber for house building
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Christian Legal Society
Certified Listing Specialist
Continuous Linked Settlement.
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Computer Loading System