Definitions for "ESP"
An acronym for Extrasensory Perception.
extra-sensory perception; knowledge of an external event without the intermediary of any of the known senses. ESP includes the phenomena of telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition.
ESP: (see Extra Sensory Perception)
Extranet Service Provider. A firm that plans, implements, and manages Extranets for its customers.
Encapsulation Security Protocol
Encapsulating Security Payload. Encrypts and / or authenticates everything above the IPsec layer. ESP, most agree, renders AH completely unnecessary. See Also
National Extension Fraternity for Extension professionals with 5 or more years service. The organization focuses on professionalism and professional development.
Epsilon Sigma Phi. Epsilon Sigma Phi is an educational fraternity for Extension professionals who have exhibited excellence in education and programming leadership. The mission of ESP is dedicated to fostering standards of excellence in the Extension System and developing the Extension profession and the provisional.
Epsilon Sigma Phi (National Extension Fraternity)
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Electronic Shock Protection. An electronic circuit that stores the audio data stream from a CD or MD in a memory buffer. If the laser pick-up mistracks, audio still flows from the buffer preventing an interruption.
Electronic Stability Program, a Mercedes-Benz-ism from the late 1990s, e.g. on the Mclass - electronics manipulate the brakes and engine torque to prevent or reduce skids; also see ACE.
Electronic Skid Prevention
Electrical Submersible Pump
Electric submersible pump.
Acronym for lectro tatic recipitator. A device that collects particulates by placing an electrical charge on them and attracting them onto a collecting electrode
ESA predicted (orbit)
Ensemble Streamflow Prediction
Extended Streamflow Prediction
The ISO currency code for the Balearic Is Peseta.
Spanish Peseta
Enhanced Security Proxy
Employment Services Plan
Extended Service Plan
Electrostatic precipitator (or ESP) technology, which utilizes an electric field between a series of metal plates for removing the electrically charged particles.
Electrostatic potential. The electrical potential due to the nuclei and electrons in the molecule, as experienced by a test charge.
Electrostatic Precipitator A device that removes particles from a gas stream (smoke) after combustion occurs. The ESP imparts an electrical charge to the particles, causing them to adhere to metal plates inside the precipitator.
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mployee uggestion rogram
The Executive Sales Presenter radio-frequency wireless remote for PowerPoint®. The ESP has a range of over 75 feet and can advance to the next slide, retreat to the previous slide, and blank your screen; it also has an integrated laser pointer. The sending unit and the receiving unit are "trained" to speak only to each other, so, for instance, two adjacent rooms at a college can have them in use and neither will interfere with the other.
Stack Pointer (in the SS segment).
'Electro Selective Pattern' a Matrix style metering found in many recent Olympus cameras. (see Matrix)
Through a selective multizone metering system, ESP assures optimal exposure even in extremely difficult lighting conditions.
Environmental Support Project
Emulation Support Peripheral (Includes H-UDI, memory and bus interface) SuperH
Education Support Professionals.
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Edinburgh Student Portal (replaced by MyEd in Oct'05)
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A company, sometimes referred to as a 'generation supplier', that markets and sells power directly to homes and businesses. They can produce their own power (IPP) or they can obtain power on the wholesale market through trading operations. see also: ESCO, IPP
Safety function linked to brake sensors and traction control which enables cars to correct their trajectory on slippery roads and curves
Early Settlement Panel. A conference at the Court House attended by you, your spouse and both attorneys. The facts of your case are presented to a panel of family law practitioners who volunteer their time to assist in the settlement of cases. These panelists consider the specific circumstances of your case and make a recommendation for settlement. While non-binding, this recommendation frequently helps the parties and their attorneys reach a settlement agreement.
Employment Search Program
Employee Savings Plan. Plan under which BCE and some of its affiliates offer their employees to purchase shares through payroll deductions. The employers contribute up to a certain percentage as defined in the plan.
(ACUESP) Advisory Committee on Utilization of Excess School Property
Exporter's Sales Price. A statutory term used to refer to the U.S. sales price of merchandise which is sold or likely to be sold in the United States, before or after the time of importation, by or for the account of the exporter. Certain statutory adjustments are made to permit a meaningful comparison with the foreign market value of such or similar merchandise, e.g., import duties, U.S. selling and administrative expenses, and freight are deducted from the U.S. price. See also: United States Price
Emotional selling preposition. moving away from the unique selling preposition, which assumed unique product features, ESP focuses on the unique associations customers make with products and brands.
English for Special Purposes; eg for business, science and technology, medicine etc.
English for Specific Purposes
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ESP is a custom order guitar company.
Education Savings Plan. a contract between a person (subscriber), and a person or organization (promoter), under which the promoter agrees to pay educational assistance payments to one or more beneficiaries.
Education Strategic Plan
Exchangeable Sodium Percentage
An Email Solutions Provider is a company that sends and manages email campaigns for companies that use email to communicate with customers.
Essential purpose (or function) bond Estimated tax
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Digital ESP