Definitions for "sha"
State and Territory Housing Authorities
Strategic Health Authority. the NHS statutory body providing the bridge between the Department of Health and local NHS Trusts and PCTs to provide strategic leadership and ensure the delivery of improvements in health, well being and health services locally.
Strategic Health Authority. See our Organogram.
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sha is a file hashing utility that uses the NIST's SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, & SHA-512 hash algorithms. It can be used for file integrity checking, remote file comparisons, etc. The portable algorithm implementations can be useful in other projects too.
Secure Hashing Algorithm (NIST standard, also known as SHA-1).
The Secure Hash Algorithm is defined in FIPS PUB 180-1. It produces a 20-byte output [SHA].
The life-taking breath"; destructive, unhealthy ch'i - often encouraged by straight lines, stagnant water and untidiness.
negative or harmful Chi.
a negative energy, the opposite of Ch'i, said to flow into places and people when the Ch'i is weak.
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Sha (Ш, ш) is a letter of the Cyrillic alphabet, representing the consonant sound or . It is roughly equivalent to sh in English, ch in French, sch in German, ş in Turkish, or sz in Polish. In most Latin-alphabet Slavic languages (Czech, Slovak, Slovene, Croatian) this sound is written š, and linguists have adopted this symbol to transliterate ш into the Latin alphabet.
Social Housing Agreement. This agreement, signed in November 1999 between CMHC and the Province of Ontario, which sets out the terms and conditions by which the Province would take over the administrative responsibility for most federally-assisted housing in Ontario. It also gave the Province the necessary legal authority to devolve the administration of the F/P program to the municipal level of government.
See social housing agreement.
School of Hospitality Administration
an abbreviation for du-nu, the combination of D3 and N3 found in the 6th raaga of all 12 cakras (found in 12 raagas out of the 72 melakartas)
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A sheer silk fabric. It is light and has rough texture. Therefore, it's usually used for the summer Kimono. It can be spelled "Sya" or "Sa".
Also read as utsuru, to be projected. In the sha method of therapy, ki energy is projected away from the parts of the body where it has accumulated in excess. Often referred to as dispersal or calming, the sha method complements the ho method.
SITE HAZARD ASSESSMENT. An assessment to gather information about a site to confirm whether a release has occurred and to enable Ecology to evaluate the relative potential hazard posed by the release. If further action is needed, an RI/FS is undertaken.
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le—Sedimentary rock composed of clay, mud, and silt grains that easily splits into layers.
A suffix meaning 'depiction' or 'depicted by'. Sometimes used as the last character of a signature.
A secure method of creating digital signatures. SHA Is considered the successor of MD5 and is widely used with network and internet data transfer protocols. Show related articles
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Super High Aperture.
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State Highway Agency
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Secondary Heads Association.
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Total short-handed assists