Definitions for "DES"
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Data Encryption Standard. A secret key-based cryptosystem. To use DES for communication, both the sender and the receiver must know the same secret key, which is used to provide both encryption and decryption of the message. DES is the most well known and widely used cryptographic system in the world. It was originally developed by IBM and was endorsed by the U.S. government in 1977 as an official standard.
An encryption method developed by IBM in 1977. It uses a private 56-bit key that is applied to each 64- bit block of data. The sender and receiver must...
Description format. Used to describe Delphi data in a format understandable both by the user and the program.
A synthetic form of estrogen once given to women to prevent miscarriage. The daughter of a woman who took DES while pregnant with her may have an incompetent cervix.
a synthetic estrogen once used to prevent miscarriages. It is no longer used because it caused structural abnormalities in the sons and daughters of the mothers who took the drug
A synthetic form of estrogen once given to women to prevent miscarriage. Discovered in the late 1960s to have serious side effects, including cancer, infertility, and miscarriage.
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Distretto di Economia Solidale
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Dietary energy supply. expressed as kcals/caput/day. The amount of food available to, not necessarily consumed by, the household; calculated from national food production and utilization data by the FAO Food Balance Sheet procedure (FAO, 1984), gives average per caput food availability for human consumption per year (see section 4.1.4).
(food production + food imports)-(food exports + food spoilage + nonhuman uses of food, such as pet food)].
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Dried Eucheuma Seaplants
An ATM termination point which is the destination for ATM messages of a connection and is used as a reference point for ABR services. See SES.
destination dial-up
The seller fulfils his obligation to deliver when the goods have been made available to the buyer on board the ship uncleared for import at the named port of destination. The seller must bear all the costs and risks involved in bringing the goods to the named port of destination.
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Former Division of Economic Support in DHSS. Is Now Department of Workforce Development (DWD).
Development and Environment Services
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see DfES.
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See Device Evaluation Service.
Device Evaluation Service. This is a division of the MDA that deals with the Medical Devices Evaluation programme. See Medical Devices Agency (MDA).
Department of Education and Science. Subsequently the Department for Education. The Science part of the department (responsible for science policy and the Research Councils) was transferred in May 1992 to the new Office of Public Service and Science as the Office of Science and Technology.
New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services
Descriptor Designated order turnaround system (DOT)
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Design risk Direct foreign investment DFI
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diced pieces.
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delivered ex ship
Delivery Ex-Ship
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dual extraction system
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Discrete event series
Directorate of Economics and Statistics
Description (file name extension)
Description or Text
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The seconds of declination 00
District Energy System - provides heating and cooling from a central plant to multiple users
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of the Definite,Genitive Ex1
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Desired, design Power
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direct electric start