Definitions for "extension"
The act of extending or the state of being extended; a stretching out; enlargement in breadth or continuation of length; increase; augmentation; expansion.
The straightening of a limb, in distinction from flexion.
An increase in the angle between two articulating bones; the opposite of flexion.
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The granting of additional time, as in a contract or the filing of a tax return.
A three-letter suffix added to a DOS file name; often supplied by the application and indicating the type of application.
DOS (and consequently any Windows application before Windows 95) has specific rules for the way in which any files created can be named. A file name in a DOS-based system (PCs) has two parts; the root and the extension separated by a full-stop e.g. myfile.doc (the root has a maximum of eight letters, the extension just three). The root is the name the user chooses to give his/her file, the extension can also be used to identify files but DOS and Windows programmes use them to identify certain types of files. For example, the doc extension is used by The Word Word-processor, the txt extension by the Notepad application, the wps extension is used by Works etc. Windows 95 got rid of the need for extensions and allows the user to have much larger file names (though it secretly converts everything to DOS itself).
Lowering and lengthening of a particular frame and stride
The process of lengthening the time allowed for the completion of an individualized-study credit course by two months is called an extension. A fee is charged for this service.
when the horse lengthens its frame and stride
The ability to incorporate additional functionality beyond what is defined in the specification. It broadens the possibility of the technology.
a continuation, agreed to by the lessor and the lessee, of an existing consumer lease beyond the originally scheduled end of the lease term, except when the continuation is the result of a renegotiation
an agreement by the consumer and the merchant, to continue an existing rental-purchase agreement beyond the original end of the payment schedule, but does not include a continuation that is the result of a renegotiation
a little piece of software that adds to the functionality of Firefox
a plug-in for the browser that the user has to download and install
a program that works within firefox to make your browser do more things
A telephone connected to the UW telephone system. Each extension has a unique 5 digit extension number, usually preceded by 6. A multi-line telephone may have several extension numbers.
Are the telephones and terminals connected to a Siemens telephone system. Also known as handsets, phones, telephone instruments, work points and work stations. They can be:- Analogue: including ordinary telephones, Fax machines, modems or DECT cordless Digital: are Siemens system phones including Optiset & Optipoint 500 ranges Integrated Cordless: Siemens Gigaset range for inclusion with Siemens Cordless Systems IP Hard phones: Optipoint 410 & 420 ranges; similar to the Optipoint 500 range but utilising VOIP IP soft phones: Opticlient 130 is a PC hosted VOIP phone See our “Optipoint Handsets” section for further information on Optipoint phones
A telephone, usually connected to a PBX, which does not have direct access to the public network.
The extension of a default theory (W,D) is intuitively spoken one possible world which emerges from the initial knowledge when applying a maximum number of defaults, that don't "block" themselves or each other. Formal definition (Reiter 1980): Let T = (W,D) be a (closed) Default Theory 1) We define an operator as follows: Let S be a set of closed formulas. Then (S) is the smallest set that fulfills the following conditions: DT1(S): K = Th(K) ... that means K is its deductive closure. DT2(S): W is a subset of K. DT3(S): If D and A K and B1, B2, ..., S, then C 2) A set E of closed formulas is an extension of T iff (E) = E, that means E is a fixed point of .
Adding a friendly stone to a formation with three stones in a row. (This term doesn't usually refer to open threes.) Although it may seem counter-intuitive, this is often a bad idea. Strong players prefer to hold an extension in reserve.
In model theory, a model \mathfrak{B} is an extension of a model \mathfrak{A} (and \mathfrak{A} is a submodel of \mathfrak{B}) iff the universe A of \mathfrak{A} is a subset of the universe B of \mathfrak{B}, \mathfrak{A} and \mathfrak{B} share the same language \mathcal{L}, and the interpretations in \mathfrak{A} of the nonlogical symbols of \mathcal{L} are the restrictions to A of their interpretations in \mathfrak{B}.
(a.k.a. tombstone) A raised section of deck and can be added to either a halfpipe or quarterpipe. It is often a good upgrade for a halfpipe because the cost is low in comparison with the cost of the halfpipe itself while adding a whole new dimension to the ramp.
A vertical portion of a ramp that rises above the rest of the top of the ramp to add more vert. Resembles a rectangular tombstone on top of the ramp.
A property by which a thing occupies space; according to Descartes, the essential attribute of matter.
In metaphysics, extension is, roughly speaking, the property of "taking up space". René Descartes defines extension as the property of existing in more than one dimension. For Descartes, the primary characteristic of matter is extension, just as the primary characteristic of mind is consciousness.
a component which listens to the event of adding a port
a particular piece of software this can be joined to Dreamweaver to enhance Dreamweaver's capabilities
a piece of software that can be added to Dreamweaver to enhance Dreamweaver's capabilities
PLUG-IN for the Macintosh operating system, that gives the operating system new capabilities.
A part of Macintosh system software that adds specific functions to the computer. An example would be the File Sharing extension that allows networking capabilities to be added to the Mac.
a component which adds functionality to the Mac OS. You can disable extensions wholesale by holding down the Shift key while restarting the Macintosh, or individually via the Extensions Manager. See System Folder, Control Panel, Extensions (Disabled), Extensions folder, device driver.
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A unique number that identifies a phone. Extension numbers usually start with 10, 20, 100, 301, 3001. Sometimes referred to as an intercom number.
a three or four digit number assigned to an individual whose department has a phone system with one main phone number and additional three or four digit number designation for specific individuals
The DTMF ID that is assigned to each subscriber when their Cisco Unity accounts are created; typically, this ID is the internal phone number that rings a subscriber phone. Also called the primary extension. See also alternate extension and primary extension.
Hair extensions are pieces of real or synthetic weaved close to the scalp in order to achieve greater length and/or fullness. Nail extensions are synthetic additions which add length to the natural nail, such as nail tips, wraps, gels, and sculptured acrylic nails. Glossary
Extensions are user created additions to the Avango TM core. Note the difference between a module and an extension is that an extension is created by the user. An extension is, however, at runtime the same to the system as any module.
The addition to an ST or PP of functional requirements not contained in Part 2 and/or assurance requirements not contained in Part 3 of the CC.
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The amount of money a book, theoretically, risks to lose on an event.
The amount of money the house theoretically will risk losing on a game or a race.
The amount of money the house theoretically stands to lose on a game or race.
a mandatory appended code descriptor for your name
an archive configured and controlled by the PageBox administrator and used by installed archives to perform tasks normally forbidden by the sandbox like calling native code
a piece of software (either script or native java code) which is configured as a part of the SOBF Tool and which can therefor be used and called from within the SOBF Tool
adult's semantically related comment on a topic established by the child; a comment which adds relevant information (e.g., when a child says "Doggie eat," an adult might say, "Yes, the doggie is hungry.")
In any of several studies that treat the use of signs, for example, linguistics, logic, mathematics, semantics, and semiotics, the extension of a concept, idea, or sign consists of the things to which it applies, in contrast with its comprehension or intension, which consists very roughly of the ideas, properties, or corresponding signs that are implied or suggested by the concept in question.
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a compressed tarball, containing one or more packages, bringing extra functionality to a GNAP system
a single getter function, which is registered by creating a new box associated with that getter
a suitable choice of customization if you want to deliver a package of associated functionality
a mutually agreed delay in the date set for the completion of a job or payment of a debt; "they applied for an extension of the loan"
The postponement of the completion date of an Agreement, agreed to by the parties to the Agreement. | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | About Us Contact Us Privacy Policy Terms of Use Resources RE Resources Directories Sitemap Help
Voluntary arrangements to restructure a firm's debt, under which the payment date is postponed.
Agricultural Extension has traditionally been seen as the educational "bridge" between research and the farmer. Sometimes confused with 'Advisory' services (one way communication). More recently the term had fallen into disuse in preference to such programs as 'farmer participatory research'.
One to one communication between scientists and farmers
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Refers to the elongation of the DNA chain that is being synthesized using the parent DNA strand as the template for synthesis of that daughter strand. This is a natural process that occurs during DNA replication. Extension occurs during the PCR process with DNA polymerases (Taq or rTth).
a template itself, it has the same structure as template and you can modify them in exactly the same way as modifying the main template
A compound of the Tensor Field of Primary Consciousness that “stands out” from the background of the Field.
A field F2 is called an extension of another field if is contained in F2 as a subfield. Examples include the Galois fields, as they are all extensions of the integers modulo a prime .
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A tour that can be tacked on to another tour for an extra charge.
A fully arranged subtour offered optionally at extra cost to buyers of a tour or cruise. Extensions may occur before, during, or after the basic travel package.
The operation of stretching a broken bone so as to bring the fragments into the same straight line.
stretching of an extremity
In geology, the process of stretching the Earth's crust. Usually cracks ( faults) form, and some blocks sink, forming sedimentary basins.
The initial organizing of a new Jaycee chapter prior to completing the affiliation process.
When an author requests more time to write a chapter.
The organization of a new Junior Chamber chapter.
The calculation of the tax rate by the County Clerk based on the local municipality’s tax levy.
This term is used in two different contexts: 1) The process in which the county clerk determines the tax rate needed to raise the revenue certified to the clerk by each taxing body in the county; and 2) The actual dollar amount of revenue resulting from the tax rate when it is multiplied by the assessed value of a district.
ESA Explicit tax
The straight position of an arm or leg
The movement of a horse's leg forward due to the use of extensor tendons.
movement that pulls apart both ends of any part
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A continuing under the same conditions, as opposed to a renewal, which implies new terms or conditions.
a Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Accredited Provider with the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR)
a non-profit program which provides professional, continuing education, English language tuition, among an array of educational services to greater Los Angeles
the ability to raise the working leg high in the air; "the dancer was praised for her uncanny extension"; "good extension comes from a combination of training and native ability"
A term commonly used by gymnasts and coaches to refer to the height of the leg when it is raised into the air during a dance skill.
a component whose ports do not act as an execution boundary
an abstract map element that will act on itself or other map components to reproduce the image
a small but crucial component of the systematic reform envisaged by the Reemployment Act
The SMIng `extension' statement can be used to define new statements. Extensions can express annotations to existent management information, agent capabilities known from SMIv2, or arbitrary other information. See SMIng Language Extensibility for details.
a small conductor that electrically connects the power source to the lead
An insulated wire placed under the scalp that connects to the lead and runs behind the ear, down the neck and into the chest below the collarbone, where it connects to the neurostimulator.
Any new reserve credited to a previously producing reservoir because of enlargement of its producing area due to new well drilling or completions outside the previously known producing limits of the reservoir.
surface enlargement of the lithosphere under tectonic strengths. Contrary: compression.
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the class or set of objects to which a term refers; -- contrasted with intension, the logical specification which defines members of a class, being the set of attributes which are necessary and sufficient to recognize an object as a member of the class.
An object class that duplicates all the characteristics of an object class of the same name and adds some of its own. Like a word in a dictionary, a single object class ID can have several related definitions.
the most direct or specific meaning of a word or expression; the class of objects that an expression refers to; "the extension of `satellite of Mars' is the set containing only Demos and Phobos"
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An Increase In Length., Note: The Increase May Be Expressed In Three Ways, Namely:, (i) As A Length, (ii) As A Percentage Of The Initial Length, And, (iii) As A Fraction Of The Initial Length.
A line added to another to increase its length.
The location of the crosshead/extensometer relative to the point where the gauge length is reset.
A period of time from the expiration date or grace period date that carriers may operate on expired credentials because the base jurisdiction is unable to provide current credentials.
an extension to the period of study for a qualification, allowing a student more time to complete.
Payment of overdue interest, covering the period from the date of commitment to the date of transaction, in order to avoid realisation of the goods pledged.
a key factor in loyalty and it has expressed the unlikley event, we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused I know looking for a virtual mobile provider
Spread of fire, usually during the course of firefighting operations, to areas not believed to have been previously involved as extension of fire through open partitions into the attic or extension through an un-protected opening into another room or building.
The sum total of all the individuals and groups to which any idea can be applied. Synonyms: Denotation, application.
A class of objects designated by a specific term or concept; denotation. (Back to the top)
A technical note placed directly to the right of the Character name that denotes HOW the character's voice is heard. For example, O.S. is an extension that stands for Off-Screen.
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A thin cable that is implanted under the skin and connects the Implantable Pulse Generator (IPG) to the lead. See also implantable pulse generator (IPG) .
Candidates who earned a B.S. degree in Elementary Education Pre-K-6 with an academic subject grades 7-9 were eligible for a Provisional certificate Pre-K-6 with that same academic subject attached. E.g., Pre-K-6 with Math 7-9; Pre-K-6 with English 7-9
The extension of a predicate is the set of true propositions that can be formed by substituting a term for each of its free variables.
an educational opportunity provided by colleges and universities to people who not enrolled as regular students
a department of The University of Western Australia devoted to providing learning opportunities and life skills to the community
a convenient way to enjoy quality learning, anywhere, anytime
The exact definition of a payment requirement from a support order. On KIDS, an historical record of a support order which cannot be deleted.
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an action that isn't part of the standard backup process, (i
The part of the tab that sticks out from the sheet. Choices are 1/4", 3/8”, 1/2" and 5/8”.
A clause in a policy which gives extra cover, e.g., in a business interruption policy, cover in respect of loss through fire at a supplier's premises, or in a cash policy, cover in respect of personal accident benefits to injured employees.
a facility in an implementation of Common Lisp that is not specified by this standard.
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a phrase or brief sentence that appears entirely on one side of an existing ELS
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See Gutter Extension
see elevator
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An extension is a change that is made to the loan causing the duration of the loan to be longer.
Note term allowing for a longer term.
Making longer.
Dissemination of agricultural technology from scientific research organization to the farming community to improve their farming practices.
A potential slipping of components in an anchor system to adjust for the failure of any point; causes an undesirable shock load
The communication of knowledge, processes and/or technology to the grains industry, other stakeholders and the community.
act of expanding in scope; making more widely available; "extension of the program to all in need"
a separate program, so it need not be factored in the same way as the base program
Capacity of a concept or general term to include a greater or smaller number of objects; -- correlative of intension.
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An extensional fault is one whose displacement results in extension of the layers that the fault cuts.
See IBM Director extension., , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , X, Y, , Symbols and Numerics Return to Glossary.
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In music an extension is a set of musical notes that lie outside the standard range.
The usable limits of a component's frequency range.
A depictable that allows user interaction with the D2D displays.
A written engagement on the part of a creditor, allowing a debtor further time to pay a debt.
An alteration to a property that is subject to Building Regulations and Planning Permission.
A protocol block labeled by the Extension Introducer 0x21.
the spreading of something (a belief or practice) into new regions
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an article from the Law category
an intensive four days of instruction and writing
That property of a body by which it occupies a portion of space.
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a good example of this mode
In accounting this refers to the multiplication of quantity times price, or (number of units) times (price or cost per unit). To Top
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Allowing extra time for the payment of a debt or the term of a contract or lease.
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an adjustment to the due date for a piece of assessed work
a problem that is based on the original problem, is like the original problem, but does not contain the original as a special case
A term that refers to making advances under a line of credit or changing the time associated with payment on a loan.
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Top-level domain.
a change in the requirements of the application
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See Product Line Extension.
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See server extension.