Definitions for "MTS"
A system which manages software security, connection to other servers, and transaction integrity.
This refers to an analog NTSC TV equipped with stereo and SAP (separate audio program) features.
The method of broadcasting stereo audio over conventional television channels.
Malaysian Trumpet Snails (or Multiple Tank Syndrome, a malady common among fishkeepers for which there is no known cure).
Malaysian trumpet snails submitted by Aquamoon or short for Multiple Tank Syndrome, referring to the addictive nature of this hobby and the desire to purchase more than one tank submitted by TAF CAF
1. Malaysian Trumpet Snail (Melanoides tuberculata). A cone-shaped, freshwater snail which burrows in the Substrate and bears live young. 2. Many Tank Syndrome.
Message telephone system. Generic name for switched long-distance service offered by all long- distance carriers.
message telephone system. (1) Generic name for the switched long distance service offered by all interexchange carriers. (2) An offering for which a charge is made in accordance with a measured amount of usage referred to as message units. Also referred to as Measured Telephone Service or Direct Distance Dialing (DDD).
Mobile Telephone Service. Telephone service provided between mobile stations and the public switched telephone network; radio transmission provides the equivalent of a local loop. See also Cellular radio.
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make to stock. A manufacturing method in which finished goods are produced and stocked prior to receipt of a customer order. It uses a forecast based on past demand history to initiate production of end items when inventory has fallen below desired levels, instead of waiting until a final quantity and configuration is described on a customer order.
Make To Stock. A manufacturing philosophy whereby finished goods are produced to stock. Incoming customer orders are then fulfilled from stock as opposed to being directly fulfilled from manufacturing. Manufacturing proactively maintains adequate stock levels for in-coming customer orders.
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Motor Transport Service
Maritime Transportation System
Motor turbine ship.
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Master of Theological Studies
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Modernization Through Spares
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Mountains north northern
Monthly Treasury Statement ( link to) Return to or select a letter to jump to an item. Return to or select a letter to jump to an item. Return to or select a letter to jump to an item.
Movement Tracking System
Movement Training Systems
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Management Training Scheme
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The processes through which large numbers of countries agree to trade with each other. The World Trade Organisation is part of this system.