Definitions for "Dial Around Service"
A specific type of long distance service that requires customers to dial an access code (i.e. a "10-10" number) before dialing the actual long distance number. This is done to bypass the customer's current long distance carrier, usually to save money because of better rates.
a great way to save on long distance telephone calls
Companies that offer long distance service exclusively by having a customer use their Access Code prior to dialing a long distance number. A long distance customer can use a Dial Around Service without switching long distance carriers since use of an Access Code routes a long distance call to the long distance company owning the Access Code regardless of which long distance carrier the customer's line is presubscribed to at the local telephone company. Dial around offers often sound better than they are; most dial around companies charge a per line monthly fee in any month that the service is used and most also bill every call regardless of duration based on a very lengthy call duration (some up to 3 minutes). Of course, the dial around companies work very hard so that the long distance consumer will not understand this. [Back to Glossary Table of Contents