Definitions for "Did"
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Direct Inward Dialling A traditional PSTN number that is used to collect telephone calls from the PSTN network and virtually delivers the call to a nominated destination eg an alternative geographical location or VoIP telephone service.
Direct inward dial phone number. This allows an outside caller to dial directly to an individual user’s telephone handset.
Making a call directly to a desired extension number without needing to speak with the switchboard operator.
dissociative identity disorder. A rare dissociative disorder in which two or more fairly distinct and separate personalities are present within the same individual, each with his or her own memories, relationships, and behaviour patterns, with only one of them dominant at any given time. Formerly called multiple personality disorder.
Dissociative identity disorder. A dissociative disorder (not due to a medical condition, the effects of a substance, or another psychiatric disorder) that is characterized by the presence of two or more distinct identities or personality states during normal waking consciousness that recurrently take control of the individual’s behavior accompanied. During dissociative states, afflicted individuals are unable to recall important personal information.
Disociative Identity Disorder
A DID identifies specific data requirements, which may include the format of a report used to display the data. Most current DID's were prepared with only the hard copy (paper, aperture card, etc.) document environment in mind. In a CALS environment, two aspects of data acquisition must be examined to determine whether existing DID's are adequate: the deliverable itself (documents, processable data files, interactive access), and the delivery mode (physical media or telecommunications).
Data Identifier – used to identify content in the ancillary data area of an SDI signal according to SMPTE 334
Data Item Deliverable
Dé chets Industriels Dangereux
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(did) 1. Abbreviation for 'damsel in distress'. Derogatory referance to female characters who keep getting kidnapped, tied up, shriek like ninnies, and pound the villain's (or hero's) manly chest with her fists. (eg: Katie Dodd of For Whom the Bell Klangs). Also known as D.I.D.
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imp. of Do.
Dead-is-dead. A style of playing where you do not reload an old saved game, if your U-Boat is destroyed, but rather start a completely new campaign with a new U-Boat captain.
Data Interface Dictionary
Each atom created within ECLiPSe is assigned a unique identifier called the dictionary identifier or DID.
Document Image Decoding, a methodology for document recognition founded on statistical communication theory.
(Document Type Definition): An SGML specification that defines the markup elements, their content models, and other aspects of a markup language.
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Defense Intelligence Digest
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MPEG-21 Digital Item Declaration
Distributed Internet Directory.
Division of Information Distribution