Definitions for "Data collection"
The main techniques used to gather information about an intervention for use in an evaluation are surveys, case studies, natural observations, expert opinion, reviews of programme documents and literature reviews. See also case studies, data analysis, evaluation design, expert opinion, literature reviews, natural observations, programme document reviews, surveys.
A mode of data processing whereby data collected by a terminal, group of terminals, light pen, or card reader is sent back to the CPU.
The process of gathering information, such as square footage, number of rooms, type of roof and other characteristics, about each property in the county.
Français : Recueil de données Deutsch : Datenerfassung
The manual or automatic acquisition of individual data elements that does not include control or analysis functions.
Transmission via Argos of sensor data, manual (keyboarded) input, or other data that can be encoded into a 256-bit message.
The process of acquiring, recording and forwarding observations of measurable features; includes data acquisition.
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a representation of a rowset in the data model
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Workers inspect each insect pest trap, count the number of insects and enter the counts into a handheld computer.
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See discovery.
The generic term used to describe the process by which questions are posed to a sample of respondents and the recording of their answers.
The act of compiling data for recording, analysis, or distribution.
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