Definitions for "Data mining"
A description for a class of database applications that look for hidden patterns in data. Data mining techniques can discover previously unknown relationships within data.
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a type of application with built-in proprietary algorithms that sort, rank, and perform calculations on a specified and often large data set, producing visualizations that reveal patterns which may not have been evident from mere listings or summaries. View records related to this term
The ability for users of a system to interrogate a database ad hoc.
(also see Online Profiling) The practice of compiling information about Internet users by tracking their motions through Web sites, recording the time they spend there, what links they clink on and other details that the company desires, usually for marketing purposes.
Demographic segmentation Discretionary Expense Center
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Tools to create applications that access information a company has gathered on customers and products.
A term used to describe the activity of accessing very large volumes of data to retrieve only those which have particular significance for satisfying a given set of criteria. Eg. all those credit card customers who have bought single items of over ?1,000 in value in the preceding two years.
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