Definitions for "Data Integration"
TrialWorks offers both realtime, two-way data exchanges and one-way data exchange (into TrialWorks), depending on the nature of the data source. TrialWorks is CDISC compliant.
The process of combining or linking two or more data sets from various sources to facilitate data sharing, promote effective data gathering and communication, and support overall information management activities in an organization.
The combination of databases or data files from different functional units of an organization or from different organizations that collect information about the same entities (such as properties, census tracts, street segments). In combining the data, added intelligence is derived.
The process of combining two or more data sets together for sharing and analysis, in order to support information management inside a business.
Pulling together and reconciling dispersed data for analytic purposes that organizations have maintained in multiple, heterogeneous systems. Data needs to be accessed and extracted, moved and loaded, validated and cleaned, and standardized and transformed.
The ability to transfer information between different programs and applications; for example, the ability to copy data from a spreadsheet into a report being created with a word processing program. See also Clipboard and file type.
The process of adding or updating information in the Keep In Touch database, using data from another database, usually performed on a regular basis (compare with Data Conversion).
The movement of data between two co-existing systems. The interfacing of this data may occur once every hour, once a day, etc.