Definitions for "DATA INTEGRITY"
the assurance that information can only be accessed or modified by those authorized to do so.
The IPSec receiver can validate packets sent by the IPSec sender to ensure that the data has not been altered during transmission.
The validity and consistency of the data in all applications.
Is provided in conventional, linear, bar codes, by encoding schemes that include unique start and stop codes, self-checking parity within each character, and check digits that apply to the total message. In these symbols, the height of the bars may be expanded to provide for redundant scan paths and allowance for diagonal scanning. Symbols damaged in a small area may retain their integrity because of this redundancy. Among the prominent 2-D symbologies, the data characters are composed of square or near-square elements that do not provide for redundant or diagonal scan paths. This fundamental difference provides for the enormous gain in data density but dictates that error detection and an error correction system have been instituted in addition to the character and message orientation and parity checking schemes.
Business rules that dictate the standards for acceptable data. These rules are applied to a database by using integrity constraints and triggers to prevent the entry of invalid information into tables. See Also: integrity constraint, trigger
A system is only as valuable as the data it uses. For PeopleSoft reports to be valuable, their information must be accurate and up to date. As the new system is implemented, we will use Legacy systems alongside the new PeopleSoft system. Data will be passed between the systems. The usefulness of the PeopleSoft system depends on the integrity of that data, that is, on its being accurate and consistent.
the accuracy, completeness and internal consistency of the information stored in a database
The accuracy of data after being transmitted or processed.
Accuracy and reliability of published and non-published information maintenance.
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The condition of all the data on the LAN being correct, up to date, not messed with, and fully intact
The degree to which data is correct. 13.3, 13.11, 13.13
means the confirmation that data which has been sent, received, or stored are complete and unchanged.
Correspondence of data with the reality that they describe.
The property that data meet with a priority expectation of quality and that the data can be relied upon
refers to protection of data at all levels, from the operator (the human element) to the systems being used (browsers, networks, servers and communications infrastructure). (p. 142)
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(TM) In part, the value entered in each field of a table is consistent with its attribute domain. domains.php
the validity of recorded information
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