Definitions for "confidentiality"
the state or attribute of being secret; privacy; as, you must respect the confidentiality of your client's communications.
discretion in keeping secret information.
Requiring that a subject not be disclosed to third parties.
requirement that certain facts about a proceeding or nature of a proceeding be withheld from public discussion or scrutiny ostensibly to serve the interests of justice.
Requests for written evidence should include a query as to whether the person or organisation submitting evidence wishes it to remain confidential. Officers supporting scrutiny work will provide confidentiality if the Chair requests it or to any Member wishing to pursue a Minority Interest.
The property of communicating such that the intended recipients know what is being sent, but unintended parties cannot determine what is sent.
A security process that ensures that the content of a transmitted message cannot be determined except by the possessor of a key associated with the message, even if the transmitted bits are observed.
A mechanism to ensure that data in transit or in storage cannot be read except by authorized systems or people. Confidentiality for Web services is often achieved using encryption, implemented either at a transport level using SSL or at a message level using XML encryption.
The limiting of access to a child or family's records to personnel having direct involvement with the child.
Assurance that sensitive data are kept private and are accessible only by authorized personnel on a need-to-know basis.
The assurance that only an authorized receiver can read a message.
The protection of the anonymity of a participant in a psychological study through the correct storage and published use of their data.
The registration process for User provides for the ability to remain anonymous during the entire utilization of this program unless directed to do otherwise.
The state of being intrinsically unimpaired. See Security Attributes: Authenticity, Integrity, Confidentiality .
A security service that encrypts data; confidentiality also includes integrity and authentication services. See also authentication, integrity, service.
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Economic Harassment
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entrusted with the confidence of another
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Your right to communicate with your provider without anyone else finding out what is said.
A person's right to speak freely with his or her health care provider without anyone else finding out what was said in the conversation.
Your right to talk with your health care provider without anyone else finding out what you have said.
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See privacy.
Situation in which the identity of students will not be released to other individuals or institutions beyond the teacher or others who evaluate students.
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See data confidentiality.