Definitions for "Evaluate"
To fix the value of; to rate; to appraise.
to decide the value or worth of something after a study
Present a careful appraisal of the problem, stressing both advantages and limitations. Evaluation implies authoritative and, to a lesser degree, personal appraisal of both contributions and limitations
To ascertain or determine the value of.
To calculate the numerical value.
To substitute number values into an expression.
To assess the systems, structures, or components of a building.
To assess the systems, structures or components of a dwelling.
to assign a value (grade or assess) a student's performance, (product, or process) as a means of measuring their growth against "external standards", and that of other students. xpository iece: a written composition that explains or informs an audience. Fair Use: a provision of copyright law which grants particular users (such as educational institutions, teachers, etc.) conditional rights to use (or reproduce) certain copyrighted materials as long as the use follows defined guidelines. ax: 1. (n) a facsimile; 2. (v) to transmit a written document or image by electronic means.
A DiskSuite Tool command that displays errors and warning messages in the configuration log for the selected metadevice.
A phase in some project methodologies in which the success of the project in meeting its objectives is measured and reported.
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work out to get a number Once you have the formula, put in the numbers, and evaluate the answer.
describe the problem with its advantages and limitations
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Consider the results of a set of measurements.
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