Definitions for "Advantages"
High contrast, crisp image bar code print quality with a durable, long-life and archival image stability, maximum readability and IR scan ability, high contrast text, graphic and bar code print capability, and capability of printing on an unlimited variety of media stock – except multi-form.
situations where a team has possession of the ball and outnumbers the opposition near the opposing goal.
An optional trait which some but not all characters possess. These may be binary or may be taken in levels. Also known as "virtues" (Ars Magica), "talents" (Hero System), or "feats" (D&D).
Explain your features in a way that tells how they are a better way of providing benefits than the competitor's way of providing benefits.
A summary of quantitative comparisons between the features of two vehicles.
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Your initial interest rate will be lower than a fixed-rate mortgage, so you may be able to afford more home. You are protected against interest rate increases for the first three, five, seven, or 10 years of the loan, depending on which type of fixed-period ARM you choose. You may have the option to convert your ARM to a fixed-rate mortgage at the first, second, or third interest rate adjustment dates. You have time to improve your financial position (i.e., salary increases) or accumulate additional assets before the interest rate adjusts at the end of the fixed period.
The part of the affirmative case about policies that demonstrates the positive effects of the affirmative's plan.
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