Definitions for "security"
An investment instrument, other than an insurance policy or fixed annuity, issued...
An evidence of debt or of property, as a bond, a certificate of stock, etc.; as, government securities.
An instrument signifying ownership in a corporation (stock), or a creditor relationship with a corporation or government (bond) or right to ownership.
That which secures or makes safe; protection; guard; defense.
Protection of the physical, intellectual, and electronic assets of an enterprise, including its security policies, network access controls, virus protection, network administration, and workstation security.
The means of protecting the archives, building and personnel from attack or damage either environmentally or physically. This includes swipe access on doors to protected areas, security guards, ID cards, gates, external lighting etc.
Something given, deposited, or pledged, to make certain the fulfillment of an obligation, the performance of a contract, the payment of a debt, or the like; surety; pledge.
One who becomes surety for another, or engages himself for the performance of another's obligation.
Collateral offered by a debtor to a lender to secure a loan; called collateral security.
The certainty that data can be viewed and changed only by those who are authorized to do so.
Certified cheque or money order, surety bond or letter of credit held by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce to indemnify the Canadian Chamber as a result of the payment of duties, taxes and/or penalties on behalf of a carnet holder.
This has two definitions in finance. (1) It can be something nominated as surety for the payment of a debt, such as a loan over a house. (2) It can also be a document which contains a promise to repay money - an IOU.
Freedom from apprehension, anxiety, or care; confidence of power or safety; hence, assurance; certainty.
EU citizens have an automatic right to travel freely in the EU, although this right may be restricted on grounds of public security or public health. (See EU citizenship, freedom to travel, fundamental rights, police)
freedom from risk or danger; to make safe
The area within Credit/Risk Management tasked with monitoring the performance of the entire active Global Electronic Technology, Inc. portfolio by means of exception reports identifying, investigating and monitoring suspect accounts for fraud-related activities.
1. A sense of well-being that the recovering alcoholic realizes as he makes amends and restitution, gains faith in a Higher Power, and turns his will and life over to the care of God as he understands Him. 2. Many of us in recovery have found that our Higher Power removes our fears of economic, emotional and relational insecurity. 3. A sense of wholeness or centeredness that improves through practicing an active AA program.
an internal department within the Credit/Risk Department that monitors the performance of the entire portfolio/merchant client base by monitoring suspect accounts and or transactions for possible fraudulent activity.
Hence, carelessness; negligence; heedlessness.
The security of modern cryptosystems rests in the key and not in the details of the algorithms, which are made publicly available for the purpose of allowing the cryptographers' community to carefully scrutinize them in detail to search for possible weak points. The best cryptosystems – such as AES and RSA - are those that are so secure that the best way to attack them is to attempt what is called a brute force attack, i.e. to try every possible key. However, current key sizes make the complexity of such a brute force attack beyond the reach of even today's most powerful supercomputers (one can easily estimate that a brute force attack on a 128-bit key would take over 10^15 years, a time well over the estimated age of the universe!). However, this should not induce the user to believe that security is assured by the simple fact that brute force attacks are made impractical given a long enough encryption keys. In fact, security is more often compromised by a user's careless behavior or a security application's weak design, which can defeat even the best cryptosystems.
Amount that might be requested by the customs authorities to ensure payment of customs debt.
Ensuring that private information stays private in an atmosphere where all other information is free. Security also means that viruses are prevented form infecting computer systems.
The method of controlling access to network resources, ensuring that resources are used only by authorized people. See also share-level security, user-level security.
Definitions of system access for end users.
A system administrator's option. The Security function allows the definition of PTWin32 user profiles that detail access rights and passwords.
The program will not access any user data files or programs. The program will not alter or replace any system files.
Security See Disclaimer, Security Statement, Privacy Statement and Conditions of Use.
HIPAA health information privacy rules will require staff training, physical and informational security measures, and safeguards for protecting health information. Training must be documented and must be provided to new employees within a reasonable time.
Security or Security Measures encompass all of the administrative, physical, and technical safeguards in an informational system.
The insurer(s) or reinsurer(s) with whom a risk has been placed.
Web security risks tend to be most severe from the Webmaster's perspective.  The results of a security hole can range from the merely embarrassing, for instance your site's home page being replaced by an obscene parody, to the damaging, for example the theft of your entire database of customer information.  Web Services can manage your web site with the necessary precautions to protect against security risks.
The Underwriters subscribing a risk.
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The security of an algorithm mainly depends on how hard it is to break it and how many people want to break it
Security is a character in the Time Splitters Series of Video Games. In he and the other Security guards are guarding the U-Genix facility in the missions Breaking and Entering and You Genius U-Genix. They were hired by Jacob Crow to make sure that people outside of the Brotherhood of Ultra Science did not discover their research.
The ability of the bulk electric power system to withstand sudden disturbances and remain in operation.
The ability of the electric system to withstand sudden disturbances such as unanticipated loss of system elements.
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SiteSurfer SPASM stop SymMath
Their security. Demand that the occupiers not be attacked, and that the violence not spill over into Israel proper. Security always refers to the safety of Israelis, it never refers to Palestinian concerns.
One of the primary responsibilities of any government is to provide for the safety of the nation, communities, and individual citizens. In today's environment the same responsibilities apply to businesses, institutions, and other organizations. An organization or country cannot achieve security without good information (intelligence), and although the old axiom that "knowledge is power" may have some merit, it is in the sharing and distributing of this information that real power is found.
A broad term, running the gamut from using secure devices to allow entry into a machine room door to the particulars of password distribution and administration. Security includes the areas of authentication (are you who you say you are?), authorization (can you look at what you want to see?) and transport (how can I get that information to you without showing it to anyone else?). Tools to accomplish system security include such measures as biometrics, password requirements, system timeouts, audit trails, physical lock downs, and more. As one can see, security needs to be considered for every component of the system
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SEDOL seek a market
Evidence of obligations to pay money or of rights to participate in earnings and distribution of corporate, trust or other property. A security is usually found where an investor subjects his or her money to the risks of an enterprise over which he or she exercises no managerial control.
as used in contract law, property that is encumbered to secure payment of an obligation and which the security holder may obtain or cause to be sold on default of the obligation.
The right data for the right person. Note that a business analyst may need access to summaries of data s/he should not see. Security systems need to make this easy to implement while making sure outsiders or rogue employees do not see data they should not see.
s. data security.
A piece of paper representing an interest in something of value, like a company or a bushel of wheat.
Creditor's right to demand something of equal value to a loan being offered.
a system using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to manage message transmission on the internet. Transmission of forms will be encrypted. We use this method only on our final submission form and not on the product pages in our shopping cart. (A custom site option).
Shopping Software
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It is the need of human beings to attain an internal structure to avoid chaos or depression.
Control of and reaction to intentional unacceptable use of any part of the infrastructure.
Document proving that somebody is the owner of certain goods or has a right to acquire them in the future.
The legal concept referring to the set of financial rights attached to a document (a physical security) or to a specific accounting entry (securities held in book-entry form). Securities are easily transferable.
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The children are secure in the knowledge that their parents love them and will meet their needs.
To have a steady income that fully meets my family's basic needs.
Many homeowners hire a real estate attorney to represent them during the loan application process. If you do so, your attorney will review the sales contract and represent you at closing. There are many questions you can ask a personal attorney before deciding whether to have the attorney represent you at closing. They can include: What is the attorney's fee for representing you at closing? What is the attorney's experience with real estate transactions? Are there fees for reading documents relating to the closing? Are there fees for giving advice? Remember that your personal attorney's fee is not part of your closing costs. You must pay for this expense separately.
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Create an Alert
A security is a valid and unique combination of symbols and series. Securities are traded in the capital market. Shares and debentures are some examples of securities.
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the state of being safe
With respect to information processing systems, used to denote mechanisms and techniques that control who may use or modify the computer or the information stored in it.
Techniques and practices that preserve the integrity of computer systems, and digital library services and collections.
Computing & Networking 101
A research group looking at computer security.
see computer security.
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On the Net, security is most often provided by software, which assures that private information remains private (see Secure Socket Layer).
The College has a 24-hour staff to provide security and assistance. The Security office is located in the Physical Plant, and the number is 981-8112.
term used in marine insurance to define the insurers which a policy has been effected.
deposit The amount of money needed to open or maintain a position. Also known as 'margin'.
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The Security Office is on the 1st floor, directly to your left as you enter the library.
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A sum of money held by the court until its decision.
A condition whereby application resources are only used by authorized client
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has the meaning given to the expression by section 92(1) of the Act and includes an equity security, a property security or a fixed interest security.
see network security.
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A home can provide security against inflation because the value of your home increases as prices go up.
the measure of the physical condition of goods upon delivery (444)
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The condition or quality of being secure; secureness.
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See Charges.