Definitions for "Symbols"
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The pictures on the reels used to determine wins. The traditional ones include stars, fruit and numbers, but today can include just about anything that stays with the theme of the machine.
The graphics on the reels.
The images on the reel. Symbols can be anything, but often include cherries, lemons and 7s.
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precise words, or other representations, which combine to make up a message
a representation of something else
Something that stands or represents something else. The symbol could use visual, auditory, and/or tactile representation of conventional concepts (gestures, photos, manual signs, picto-ideographs, printed words, objects, spoken words, Braille).
The title of KMFDM's 1997 album is a string of five unpronounceable, non-alphabetic symbols (). Sascha Konietzko avoids giving an explanation of the meanings of the symbols, but other band members have claimed they are meant to be similar to the unpronounceable symbols used to indicate profanity in the word balloons of comics. The album is usually catalogued as Symbols, but it is also commonly referred to as KMFDM (suggesting it to be a self-titled album) and !@#$%.
Symbols, originally Symbols of Time, is a brazilian heavy-metal band which began in 1997 and is still active nowadays. It had the remarkable fact of the Falaschi brothers singing together.
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(SYM·bols). Arbitrary units of meaning that can stand for different concrete or abstract phenomena. Symbols expand language through substitution.
Arbitrary signs of objects that stand in the place of those objects.
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Scribbling, scribble writing, letter like forms, letters, numbers and pictures used to represent sounds, words, ideas and feelings.
The graphic elements shown on a map designed to represent geographic features or communicate a message, at a given scale. There are three basic forms of map symbology: point, line, and area. Map symbols may represent qualitative data and be shown as a distribution, or they can express quantitative data by showing proportionality or ratio. Map symbols are usually explained in a legend.
Graphic images that sometimes have abstract meanings-for example, a stop sign.
The secret language known only to PROOFREADERs and TYPESETTERs, and used to correct PROOFs.
The language of the Mysteries.
The glyphs and abbreviations used to symbolized planets, signs, chart points and asteroids. See table of Astrological Symbols.
External signs that we use to express our identity.
Tokens in the Options Manager used to store values that are referenced during execution.
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Letters used to designate which futures or options price and which contract month is desired. Symbols are used to access quotes from various quote systems.