Definitions for "Vignette"
A running ornament consisting of leaves and tendrils, used in Gothic architecture.
A decorative design, originally representing vine branches or tendrils, at the head of a chapter, of a manuscript or printed book, or in a similar position; hence, by extension, any small picture in a book; hence, also, as such pictures are often without a definite bounding line, any picture, as an engraving, a photograph, or the like, which vanishes gradually at the edge.
A picture, illustration, or depiction in words, esp. one of a small or dainty kind.
a piece of fanfic that's not a complete story; usually episode based, often reflections or missing scenes
The pictorial portion of a banknote as opposed to its frame or lettering.
A pictorial design on a note, as distinguished from frame, lettering, etc. Vignettes may be scenes, objects, building, allegorical figures, etc.
a permit to use the motorway and is obligatory for any vehicle (including motorbikes) to go on the motorway
Vignettes are small, coloured stickers affixed to motor vehicles passing through motorways and motorroads in some European nations, such as Switzerland and Austria. The affixing of a vignette on a motor vehicle indicates that the respective road toll has been paid. Vignettes are often valid for a year.
a brief literary description
a narrative description of an event or situation which could be seen as typical or representative
a short briefing paper which briefly summarises the evidence base for particular topic, and assess the need for further research
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a silhouette
In professional wrestling, the term vignette is usually used to describe any piece of video footage featuring characters or events which is shown to the audience for the purposes of entertainment or edification.
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content management and integration software (See 'pedia def (
A decoration used on a headpiece to a chapter, or to divide a book into sections. A vignette may also be located on the title page.
A small ornamental design usually found on the title page or at the begining or end of a chapter.
Vignette is a suite of content management, portal, collaboration, document management, and records management products developed by the Vignette Corporation, headquartered in Austin, Texas.
A vignette is a 60-second television ad that showcases a public servant in the workplace and promotes Government of Canada services and programs.
The darkenjng of the corners of a photograph. Commonly caused by lens hoods, filters and other lens attachments that reduce a lens' angle of view. May be done intentionally by the use of special filters or masks in front of the lens or by using special techniques during printing.
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French term for the permit issued for a fee by the VNF for navigation on its waters.
A very short story, usually involving a character's inner dialogue, dwelling on a particular subject or event.
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A merchandise display that shows how merchandise looks in use.
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a way of cropping a portion of your photo
A transition from one colour or intensity to another.
Voting certificate Voting Instruction Card
Virtual currency option Visible supply
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The main central part of a stamp design.
a small presentation during a broadcast about a product, service or corporation.
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a combination of elements