Definitions for "Feathering"
Keywords:  oar, oarlock, blade, recovery, parallel
The act of turning the blade of the oar, as it rises from the water in rowing, from a vertical to a horizontal position. See To feather an oar, under Feather, v. t.
The degree to which kayak blades are set at an angle to each other. This varies from 70 to 90 degrees, depending on the discipline. Some sea paddles have no feathering at all.
Rotating the oar in the oarlock so that the blade is parallel to the surface of the water. See How To Take a Stroke.
Keywords:  ragged, uneven, blurry, edge, fuzzy
When the force of the initiated flake travels through the rock mass to the surface gradually between the scar and the stone.
Softening or fading an edge by blending the lines or overlapping values and/or colors.
The progressive bleed-off at the soft edge of an image so that it blends with the underlying image or background color.
Flag, fringe, fringing, plume. These terms apply variously to longish coat on the . . ., belly, back of legs and tail.
Feathering is a cutting technique hairdressers use to take hard lines out of the hair. By cutting into the hair softer lines are created.
The long hair that grows from the knee and hocks down, typical of horse with Clyde/Shire breeding.
Keywords:  hound, stern, tongue, unsure, uncertain
A hound indicates, other than by giving tongue, that it's hunting a line; a waving stern. Uncertain.
A hound that follows a line, moves his stern from side to side but gives little tongue indicating that he is unsure of the scent.
Feathering is a sanding technique that involves sanding an area of paint, body filler, etc. so that the transition between the area being sanded and the underlying area is smooth and undetectable.
Tapering outermost paint area.
A process used to blend a small area into its surroundings after spot-priming, applying a filler, or scraping off an area of old paint.
Keywords:  ware, trailed, slip, engobe, wet
A method of decorating by drawing the tip of a feather across lines of wet slip to give a characteristic pattern.
A decoration rather than a bit, it involves threading a piece and then using a pick to pull the threads to a point, giving the appearance of a feather tip.
This is a decoration technique. The ware [ usually; plates or platters ] is coated with two or more colors of slip or engobe; alternating in rows, stripes or concentric circles. A feather is pulled through the slips to combine the colors in marble like swirling patterns.
Keywords:  drag, combing, hotot, rhinelander, thru
(1) Small colored drag off the top of the eye circle. Usually associated with English Spot, Rhinelander, or Checkered Giant. (2) Any drag in the coloration of a Dwarf Hotot eye band.
A contrasting color of glass is laid onto the core bead in either a line, or a series of dots. A tool called a rake, it looks similar to a dentists pick, is then drawn thru the glass to form the pattern, which is also referred to as combing.
A specific type of decorative combing in which a tool is dragged on the surface of a hot piece of glass, at right angles to a series of parallel lines.
Keywords:  foliation
Same as Foliation.
When the boat becomes airborne, the driver or throttleman will back off the power to prevent the engines running too hot. Just before the boat hits the water the throttleman will use more throttle to maintain the speed of the boat.
Keywords:  carcasses, pork, streaks, ribs, fat
Streaks of fat in the muscle between ribs of pork carcasses.
Keywords:  flutters, spill, heel, sail, angle
1. To allow wind to spill from sail so that it flutters; 2. To reduce the power generated by the sail and the angle of heel by adjusting the sail so that it flutters
Keywords:  breeze, offshore, crest, break, wave
The effect of an offshore breeze on the crest of a wave about to break.
The utilization of partial harvesting techniques between clearcuts and remaining stands of trees to reduce the appearance of change between harvested and non-harvested sites.
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Feedback Feedback Eliminator
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A covering of feathers.