Definitions for "Scribing"
Drawing a line to be followed when cutting. The word "scribing" is not typically used when talking about drawing lines on straight lumber; that can be done simply with a straight-edge. Drawing cutting lines on curved or irregular surfaces, like a log, is a more complicated problem. Scribing is necessary in order to notch logs to mate with other logs, or to cut a flat surface on a log for use as a beam or purlin. You can see one example of a scribed log in this picture, and another one here.
Drawing a line parallel with an existing surface; fitting woodwork to an irregular surface.
To produce artwork by scraping the opaque coating from the scribe coat with a blade-like cutting tool with the blade edge parallel to and resting on the base material's plane.
Keywords:  timber, square, marking, joints, method
A method of marking out joints on out of square timber