Definitions for "Kerf"
Keywords:  saw, sawdust, slit, weatherstrip, blade
A notch, channel, or slit made in any material by cutting or sawing.
A cut made into, but not through a piece of wood or other material.
In slot cutters, the width of the cutting edge.
Keywords:  undercut, kirve, coal, cutter, seam
The undercut of a coal face.
Undercut in a coal seam from 3 to 7 inches thick and entering the face to a depth of up to 4 feet, made by a mechanical cutter. Also called kirve.
Keywords:  cerf, see
See cerf.
Keywords:  scribe, line, see
see scribe line.
A widening of the rout path as may be called out on the blueprint. Allows extra space for hardware to be attached to the board.
That portion of the component area from which material has been removed or modified by trimming or dicing.