Definitions for "Shaper"
Keywords:  cutter, planer, rasp, surfboard, blank
That which shapes; a machine for giving a particular form or outline to an object.
A kind of planer in which the tool, instead of the work, receives a reciprocating motion, usually from a crank.
A machine with a vertically revolving cutter projecting above a flat table top, for cutting irregular outlines, moldings, etc.
Want to smooth your look in pants, or look fabulously sleek in a clingy dress? Try Shaper Panty hosiery. Extended control top panty gives more support than a regular control. The shaper extends from the stomach to the upper thigh area.
A style of lingerie created to provide support, shape and control.
Keywords:  fortunes, one
One who shapes; as, the shaper of one's fortunes.
Keywords:  maker, boards, runs, hand, small
is a board maker, who makes boards by hand or in small production runs.
Keywords:  things, makes, person
a person who makes things