Definitions for "boards"
the boarding that surrounds an ice hockey rink.
The wall around a hockey rink (which was at one time really made of wood but which is now usually of fiberglass) measuring about 42 inches high and topped off by synthetic glass to protect the spectators while giving them a good view of the action.
A fibreglass barrier, white in colour, that surrounds the rink. The boards measure not less than four feet in height and are topped by Plexiglass that protect spectators from flying pucks.
The cardboard covers of a hardbound book.
The material that the contents of a book are bound in; the covers. The name dates from the first days of printing, in the 15th and early 16th centuries, when wood (often, oak) was used for binding. The term “original boards” may be used especially to indicate the original paper-backed boards — intended as a temporary binding — that were used to case many books from about 1740 to roughly 1830, when cloth began to replace temporary covers. In addition to wood, materials that have been used for bookbinding boards include pasteboard, a hand-laminated material built from waste sheets of pasted paper; strawboard, a cheap, yellow, machine-made product based on straw; and modern machine-made paper pulp board.
The stiff material used for the covers of a book. The name is derived from the fact that the earliest bound books were literally bound between two pieces of wood, usually oak. The same expression continues today, although the "boards" are not wood but a thick cardboard. "In boards" means either in the uncovered boards or in boards which are covered with paper.
1. full-screen graphics, such as a map, or a transcribed quote from a viewer mailbag. The graphics in a weather block may be called the weather boards (CBC). 2. see billboards.
Common term used for billboards.
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Common term for posters and bulletins.
Common terms for posters and bulletins.
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The surface of the lane and approach is divided up into one-inch pieces. These boards are used to target. The lane is made up of 39 of them. Even if the surface of the lane is synthetic, the area in between the lines on the surface of the lane are said to be boards.
Strips of wood that make up a lane.
The number of panels, usually 39, in the width of a bowling lane. The boards can be used for targeting purposes.
A term used for rebounds.
The backboard which the ring or basket is attached or slang for a rebound the act of a player grabbing the ball after a missed shot attempt.
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a little beyond the scope of this project
Term applied to a paper above an accepted weight. The accepted cross-over point from paper to boards varies but in general would be around 180gsm. Below this weight are papers above this weight would be boards.
Paper weight beyond a certain weight usually over 170gsm
board examinations (in a profession, as in medicine); -- an informal contraction; as, to take the boards; he flunked the boards.
refers generally to the series of exams med students and residents must take in order to become licensed as a physician.
Dressed lengths of timber used for cladding the frame - walls, floor and ceiling. There are many different types.
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Another term for skis.
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the stage; as, to walk the boards, i.e. to act on stage.
a script or other free method that you can use to fail over and fail back if you have multiple external interfaces
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holding game usually consists of one or both of the players holding their opponents bar point.