Definitions for "Shakes"
Keywords:  shingle, cedar, handcut, split, booze
splits along a ray in a piece of timber. They do not usually affect the strength of the material but can cause distortion, particularly if the timber suddenly becomes wet. Cup shakes are splits separating the annual rings.
Wood shingles. Usually cedar thay are used for roofing and siding.
what daddy gets when the booze runs low...or a type of wood (usually cedar) shingle. Like a shingle, except less well formed and usually larger. Shakes will come in bundles of varying sizes and it is up the roofer to fit them together in such a way that is not offensive to the neighbors.
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Delirium tremors
Delirium tremens.
Dog that ended up in the kidnap pound. Veronica rescues Kristen Bell's dog (think about it...there you go, you got it) in 1.19 "Hot Dogs."
Naturally occurring cracks that can appear in timbers but do not necessarily weaken them.
Naturally occurring cracks in timber; in building timbers, shakes can appear quite dramatic, but strength is not always impaired.
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Pieces of barrels or casks broken down to save space. They are worth very little, leading to the phrase "no great shakes".