Definitions for "SLab "
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A thin piece of anything, especially of marble or other stone, having plane surfaces.
An outside piece taken from a log or timber in sawing it into boards, planks, etc.
Thick; viscous.
a slang term for an encapsulated coin
Colloquial term for the plastic enclosure used by grading certification companies to seal in certified comics.
An independently graded numismatic piece sealed within an inert plastic case along with the grading certificate. See the grading article for more information.
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A lengthwise cut of a large quarry block of stone approximately 5'x 8' in size.
First board off of a log during flitch preparation or lumber cutting. Usually waste material.
The rough outside piece cut from a log in the process of sawing the log.
The door or sidelight only without any staining, drilling, hardware or jambs. Usually provided unfinished or factory primed from the manufacturer.
Door only or sidelight only. No frames, jambs or parts added to make door operate.
A term for a complete door panel that has not been prepared for installation into a frame.
A conheseive layer of bonded snow
A cohesive layer or layers of snow.
more info A relatively stronger layer of snow overlying a relatively weaker layer of snow. A slab avalanche is similar to a magazine sliding off an inclined table.
a special case of a block with full longitudinal and vertical extent but only partial latitudinal extent
Generally a rock face that is less than vertical.
Smooth, low-angle rock that is usually climbed by use of friction, such as smearing, or crimping and edging on small holds.
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The wryneck.
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a carton of beer.
24-can case of beer
a case of two dozen cans or bottles of beer
Slab is the alias of Christopher Anderson, a fictional character in the Marvel Comics Universe. His first appearance was in X-Factor (1st series) #74.
A slab is the word in the NCR 315 computer architecture from NCR Corporation. It has 12 data bits and the parity bit. A slab may contain three digits (with at sign, comma, space, ampersand, point, and minus treated as digits) or two alphabetic characters.
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SLab Direct to Disk Audio Recording Studio is a free HDD audio recording system for linux operating systems, written using Tcl/Tk. SLab can record up to 64 tracks.
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A fracture in a bone in a joint that extends from one articular surface to another. Most often seen in the third carpal bone of the knee.
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The slack part of a sail.
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A section of rock lying between 30 and 70 degrees from the horizontal.
A section of foam cut from the interior of a large bun.
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refers to an uncommonly large fish.
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noun, slang) A long stretch of straight road. noun, slang) A freeway. verb, slang) To ride on a slab.
Portable form of data storage, equivalent to floppy disk but with vastly greater capacity.
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an elliptical spoon usually molded from solid lead
A slab is our basic light field unit. Each slab is parameterized by two planes, which we call the u-v and s-t planes.
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Scottish Legal Aid Board
a continuous sheet, poorly supported on its underside, possibly very well anchored at the lower end and sides
a series of contiguous physical pages in which objects are kept
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a whole side of ribs
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State and Local Assistance Branch
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a big body (largely shape boxed body)
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a container for objects and is made up of one or more page frames