Definitions for "Chimney"
A fireplace or hearth.
That part of a building which contains the smoke flues; esp. an upright tube or flue of brick or stone, in most cases extending through or above the roof of the building. Often used instead of chimney shaft.
A hollow shaft containing one or more passageways. vertical or nearly so, for conveying products of combustion to the outside atmosphere. (UBC)
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A wide crack (,ore than a foor) whichascending by weighing the whole body in and shimmying upwards, the term is also a verb referring to the act of climbing such a crack.
A vertical or near vertical opening in a cave, narrow enough to be climbed by means of opposed pressure holds. Chimneying Ascent or descent by means of body and/or limb pressure against two walls.
noun] a wide crack (usually more than 18 inches) ascended by wedging the entire body in and shimmying upwards; [verb] the act of climbing such a crack
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A tube usually of glass, placed around a flame, as of a lamp, to create a draft, and promote combustion.
A blown glass tube of various shapes placed around flame to protect it against wind. In today's usage, it is for ornamentation and light diffusion.
A glass tube, open at both ends, used to shield the flame of an oil lamp, to trap soot, and to increase the draft.
Subsoil] Pair of parallel tubes upslope from Earthenware
The corridor of tubing between the flute's lip plate and the body of the headjoint. Back
(n.) a parallel sided constriction wider than body width
A tall, cylindrical bowl with a smaller diameter.
A tall column of solidified minerals on the ocean floor.
Also referred to as a pipe, this is a vertically oriented, cylindrical body, often a breccia, of vein or replacement mineralization.
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a wondrous thing
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A huge, and high-poly prop, making it the ideal prop for spamming. Some servers will kick or ban users attempting to place it.
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an open cavity leading into your home
soil build-up around the opening of a crayfish burrow.
a great addition to any backyard, both as a source of heat and as a decorating accent piece
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a reminder of a powerful steam engine which was used to run pumps
A body of ore, usually of elongated form, extending downward in a vein.
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a meeting place of two rock walls
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a structure in which you can build a fire
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a long-term investment so it pays to get