Definitions for "draft"
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The act of drawing; also, the thing drawn. Same as Draught.
A drawing of lines for a plan; a plan delineated, or drawn in outline; a delineation. See Draught.
The form of any writing as first drawn up; the first rough sketch of written composition, to be filled in, or completed. See Draught.
A document written by a person (drawer) to have an institution (drawee) to pay...
An order from one person or party to another, directing the payment of money; a bill of exchange.
Sometimes called a Bank Drafter Bill of Exchange, the Draft is a negotiable instrument which contains an order to pay. It must be signed by the drawer (seller) and be payable at sight or by a certain time. The Draft must contain an unconditional order to pay a certain sum of money to the drawee (buyer). Drafts are used in both collection and Letter of Credit methods of payment.
The print mode used by your printer when you select Draft as the font. The Draft font uses less dots per character for faster printing. See also high speed draft.
Team owners and the commissioner meet pre-season for team owners to select fantasy players either by auction or draft. Many drafts take place online in virtual draft rooms, which are similar to chat rooms.
the method by which NBA teams annually select college or foreign players to their teams, designed to promote balanced competition in the NBA.
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A device for regulating the flow of gases in a chimney, stovepipe, fireplace, etc.; as, to close the chimney draft. It is usually a flat plate of the same internal dimensions as the flue, which can be rotated to be parallel to or perpendicular to the current of gases.
A difference of pressure which causes a flow of air and/or flue gases through the boiler, flue connector, breeching, flue, or chimney.
A heating term used to ensure the escape of flue gases and aid combustion.
to ride behind a windshield, such as another rider or a motor vehicle.
Following in the slipstream of another athlete, most often referred to on the bike, but also applies on the swim
Using the pocket of air behind pilots as a high speed racing strategy.
The dispensing of beer from a cask or keg by implimentation of a hand pump or air pump.
a serving of drink (usually alcoholic) drawn from a keg; "they served beer on draft"
The process of dispensing beer from a bright tank, cask or, keg, by hand pump, pressure from an air pump or, injected carbon dioxide inserted into the beer container prior to sealing.
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The angle or taper provided on molding sections to facilitate the removal of the molded piece part from the mold.
The angle of the vertical components of a mold which allow removal of the part.
The taper on the sides of pattern which are perpendicular to the parting plane that allows the pattern to be withdrawn from the mold without brading the edges of the mold.
To compose or write papers and documents in preliminary or final form, often for the approval or clearance of others.
a preliminary version of something written, such as a speech or report
Preliminary outline or first attempt at writing an essay or paper. The same as a rough draft
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A Bill of Exchange A bank draft is a form of cheque issued by a bank.
A paper instrument used to transfer funds from one entity to another. Similar to a cheque, it is different in that a bank draft may not be exchange for cash, it must be deposited into an account under the name of the beneficiary.
a large and hurried swallow; "he finished it at a single gulp"
A selecting or detaching of soldiers from an army, or from any part of it, or from a military post; also from any district, or any company or collection of persons, or from the people at large; also, the body of men thus drafted.
To draw from a military band or post, or from any district, company, or society; to detach; to select; especially, to compulsorily select and induct members of a population to serve in the armed forces.
Congress, which under the Constitution of the United States has the sole authority to raise armies, first legislated involuntary conscription to fill the ranks of the military--a draft--in the Civil War. It was used again in World War I and World War II. Although the draft laws were due to expire July 9, 1950, Congress quickly passed a two-year extension. By September 1950, 50,000 men were being drafted each month, and by 1952, 20,000 to 30,000 conscripts were sent to Korea each month.
The selection of one or more hounds from the pack
A limited format where you open a pack, take a card, and pass the rest. The goal is to select the best overall deck from an uncertain card pool. This can be very challenging due to further uncertainty regarding what everyone else is taking.
To remove hounds from a kennels or a pack.
To follow another car very closely, taking advantage of decreased air resistance.
Most prevalent in stock-car racing, and on superspeedways, where two cars running together are faster than one car. The car in front opens a hole in the air and creates a vacuum behind it, pulling the second car along. The two cars essentially run with the drag effect of one.
A. The act of two or more cars working together for aerodynamic purposes. B. What many of the infield fans are partaking of, also Rusty's former sponsor.
A narrow border left on a finished stone, worked differently from the rest of its face.
A narrow border worked to a plane surface along the edge of a stone, or across its face, as a guide to the stone-cutter.
The tooled strip or border of a faced stone, also known as a margin.
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To draw the outline of; to delineate.
(I) See DESIGN DRAFT. (II) To DRAW OUT (attenuate or stretch) a strand of cotton, usually by running the strand between several pairs of rollers, each pair turning faster than the pair before it.
the act of moving a load by drawing or pulling
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a bad, bad idea
a bad idea" Dead on
a bad idea right now, no matter which party proposes it
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A pulling in of a pattern such as side draft, heel draft, etc. Also a pull, such as when leather is stretched. [Frommer
Animal for pulling a plow or cart.
A large, slow type of workhorse used for pulling loads. Examples are Shires and Belgians.
To compose and write; as, to draft a memorial.
Most journalists will write a draft of an article before submitting it. After completing this draft, they will edit their own work for content and mistakes before submitting it to the editor.
a political minefield and will, correctly, be avoided
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The slant given to the furrows in the dress of a millstone.
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make a blueprint of
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a compact two rounds, with no opportunity for horsing around
a large, strong horse bred for heavy work on the farm
Horses presented for sale by a stud or vendor.
a crapshoot, sometimes one pick can make or break a franchise's fortune
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a sensible one
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A cool 'wind' that chills.
a breeze or light wind that occurs in an enclosed space
An ill wind from which many a young man has caught his death.
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see Bill of Exchange
a bill of exchange which is payable on demand of the payee
An amended version of a bill or resolution. A draft may be indicated next to the bill number as S.D. 1, H.D. 2, C.D. 1, meaning that the bill was amended once by the Senate, twice by the House, and once by a conference committee.
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A quantity of liquid poured out for drinking; a dose.
a dose of liquid medicine; "he took a sleeping draft"
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Driving Under The Influence (DUI)
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a violation of antitrust laws
Historically, involuntary enlistment in the Armed Forces; now something every player can't wait to enlist in.
a difficult thing to gauge but this year maybe more so than previous years
a good thing -- physically
"Draft" provides a collaborative design environment to assist in prototyping projects - software or other - in a graphical manner. It's written in Java and provides an interactive, animated UI framework to create rich content. Emphasis is on ease of use.
See 'Bank draft'. A draft may also refer to a written item, such as a letter or contract, that is still being worked on, being reviewed, and is not finished.
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a little less than a month away, and as always, the Dime Crew will be all over the festivities
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a sure sign that Gardner is at least considering not returning
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engage somebody to enter the army
The negative pressure (vacuum) at a given point inside the heater, usually expressed as inches of water, relative to atmospheric pressure outside the heater at the same elevation.
The difference between atmospheric pressure and some lower pressure existing in the furnace or gas passages of the steam-generating unit.
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a bit like trying to predict how you're going to react to your first mushroom trip
Essentially the same as a check written on the insurance company’s checking account. Drafts are used to pay claims and may be written by a claims representative or by a producer (agent) with draft authority. A draft is only fully paid after it is presented to the insurance company for payment. The company has until then to withdraw their offer to pay.
This is a paper check presented to the bank.
a form of check for withdrawing money from a demand account
an incomplete post
a post I read first, then post it if appropriate
a post that is in progress
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The amount of curvature in a sail.
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an earth-shaking event
A value used to describe the phase of a standard. A standard is a "Draft" when it has not yet been reviewed by the Data Steward.
Expressions Drift Navigation
A financial document that directs payment from a person, or more typically a bank, and may be authorized to provide automatic payments for a consecutive number of invoices or cycles.
A guaranteed form of payment which is issued in amounts over $1,000 (see also Bank Draft).
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amount of wool let out at once to be spun
a lot like watching a professional poker tournament
a negotiable security that certifies a debt to the bearer and can be used for payment
Buyer's payment for goods.
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a record number of four high school seniors will go in the first round
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See 'Cast.'
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a work in progress
An allowance or deduction made from the gross weight of goods.
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an official document
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a risk and a move made in the interest of winning in the future, not in the present
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an event like no other
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direction -degree
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a real possibility
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A device used by the seller to collect from the buyer.
A record (usually paper) used to document that a good or service was purchased.
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a likely possibility in the New Year
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To transfer by draft.