Definitions for "Bumper"
Keywords:  collision, deaden, trolley, shock, rear
Anything which resists or deadens a bump or shock, such as a metal or rubber rim extending from an object; a buffer.
a protective guard device, usually of metal or rubber, attached horizontally to the front or rear of the frame of a vehicle, designed to resist or deaden a bump or shock, and to prevent damage to the main frame of the vehicle in low-velocity collisions.
a rubber like (polymer based) device inserted into a knee or ankle component as a resistance or extension aid. Bumpers come in different durometers (color coded) which allow the amputee to have different resistance levels.) CAT/CAM, (Contoured Anterior Trochanteric/Controlled Alignment Method): The popular term coined by John Sabolich, CPO for his socket shape derived from the work of Ivan Long, CP. The term was replaced by the trademarked name "Sabolich Socket" do to internal conflicts within the prosthetic industry that prohibited trade-marking CAT/CAM in the United Sates.
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A cup or glass filled to the brim, or till the liquor runs over, particularly in drinking a health or toast.
A full glass
a glass filled to the brim (especially as a toast); "we quaffed a bumper of ale"
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A national hunt race event.
National Hunt Flat races restricted to Jumps horses - those that have run on the Flat are ineligible. They are educative events, where a young horse can get used to the game, running alongside other horses and responding to instructions from a jockey.
Colloquial name for a National Hunt Flat race which for a young N.H. bred horse will often be its first experience of racing.
dummy a plastic or canvas boat fender, usually cylindrical, and approximately the size of a bird; most have a throwing rope attached.
An object to be retrieved, used in training, similar in size and shape to a small, soft plastic boat bumper.
Training object used as a subsitute for a birdAlso see dummy
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Indecency Stager
a ball passing over a batsman's shoulder in his normal stance
see pic above] a ball that is bounced high enough to hit a batter's head or shoulders; cricket's equivalent of the "beanball".
Music based on a thematic idea from the score, used to "bookend" an act of a show. Usually 3 to 5 seconds long, and underscores a show logo.
The Bumper, also known as Bumper-WAC, was a sounding rocket, derived from the German V-2 rocket and used by the United States to gather data from high altitudes. It was one of the first multistage rockets, using a WAC-Rocket as the second stage.
A device for stopping railroad cars at the end of a spur track.
A device placed at the stub end of a track siding so cars or locomotives do not derail.
Keywords:  jolting, flask, jarring, ramming, sand
Machine for ramming sand in a flask by repeated jarring or jolting action.
On-air tease preceding a series of commercial spots that encourages viewers to stay tuned (uses copy such as "Stay tuned for… right after these messages") or a motion or still graphic for the program, station, or network used as a transition.
A pre-recorded production element containing voice over music that acts as a transition to or from a stop set and other content.
extraordinarily abundant; "a bumper crop"
a wonderful symbol of celebration and plenty
Keywords:  stuck, slats, tired, get, safe
a necessary item that is needed to keep the baby safe by keeping the baby's arms and legs from getting stuck in the slats
a player that covers the same parts I do, and I can use when I get tired
Keywords:  turnover, larger
Similar to a turnover, but slightly larger.
a short 'film' or piece of animation that doesnt necessarily have to have a meaning but be visually pleasing and interesting
A covered house at a theater, etc., in honor of some favorite performer.
A very short segment announcing that the show is going to or coming back from a commercial break.
a key item so we are able to accommodate custom designs and options at a reasonable price
Keywords:  goes, session, extra, booking, added
Term used to describe extra time added to a booking, in case the session goes over. This time is not charged for unless used.
Bumper is the name of several character in the Transformers universes.
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a long way from stripping a
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That which bumps or causes a bump.