Definitions for "Legs"
The rivulets that run down the side of the glass after you've swirled it. Mostly a mixture of glycerine and alcohol.
A tasting term. It refers to the tear-like tracks that a wine makes down the side of a glass after it has been swirled. It may be related to alcohol or glycerol content - it's a matter of contention. Not really essential for assessing the quality of a wine, although some tasters do still pass comment on the legs.
Droplets that trickle down the side of the glass after swirling. A crude indicator of the alcohol content of the wine- the thicker and more slow-moving they are, the higher the alcohol content.
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Pieces of black cloth hanging at the sides of the stage to make wings
Vertical curtains or flats used to hide the wings from view and frame the audience’s view.
curtains hung along the side of the stage, parallel to the proscenium, in order to frame the stage picture (sometimes also called blacks). The legs, along with scenery, conceal cast members from view as they prepare to enter or as they exit; because the legs are only curtains, it is important to avoid disturbing them from offstage while awaiting entrances so as not to create a visual distraction.
A worker bee uses her legs for walking and pollen gathering. Three pairs of legs grow from the honeybee's middle section or thorax. Each leg has a pair of claws for grasping onto rough objects and a non-slip sticky pad for landing on smooth surfaces. When a worker visits a flower, pollen is dusted all over her body. Her legs are designed to comb this pollen from her body and catch it in a tuft of bristles on her third pair of legs. The front legs have clusters of hairs that the worker bee uses to brush pollen from her body to the "pollen baskets" that are on her back legs. The front legs have an extra joint and a comb that the bee uses to clean herself. The middle legs are covered with stiff hairs that help the worker bee brush pollen back to the "pollen baskets" and remove pollen from the baskets upon return to the hive. The legs are also equipped with a spur that is used to dislodge wax flakes from the abdomen. The back legs have "pollen baskets," or bare spots surrounded by stiff hairs. The hairs help hold the pollen in place. Nectar is often added to the pollen to make it clump. This makes it easier to transport in the baskets.
spiders have eight jointed walking legs consisting of seven segments (coxa, trochanter, femur, patella, tibia, metatarsus, and tarsus); lost legs are sometimes regenerated in subsequent molts
Butterflies and moth, like other insects, have six legs in their adult stage. These three pairs of legs are attached to the thorax, one pair in each segment of the thorax.
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"Legs" is a song performed by the band ZZ Top from their 1983 album Eliminator. The song was released as a single in 1984 and reached #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. The song's lyrics feature a sexual double entendre, a signature found in many ZZ Top songs.
General industry term for "potential," or "longevity," as in "Recent Nielsen reports prove that this series continues to have legs"; or, "The writer's outstanding bible makes it clear that the proposed series has legs."
Legs is a novel by American author William Kennedy.
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staying power; "that old Broadway play really has legs"
Long strings of adhesive developed between the flooring and the substrate as a result of the water evaporating or migrating from the adhesive. This is normally seen in rubber-based adhesives and is a desirable characteristic. It is important to remember that not all adhesives have legs and legs are not a necessary characteristic for good adhesion to occur.
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Basic lines that make up a letter; not the crossbars
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Armor for legs, EX: Plate legs Term Explanation
Jargon term meaning the range or duration of an aircraft
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Short cracks that emanate from a break.
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Used to describe a line or connection. All connected calls to a toll free number require two legs. The first leg is from the caller to a toll free number and the second leg is from the toll free service provider to your designated number.
All Members in a First-Generation Director's organization to unlimited generations.
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Legs is a term used to refer to how long a film lasts in theaters.