Definitions for "Curtains"
Curtains is an album by John Frusciante released February 1, 2005 by the label Record Collection. It was the last album of a six album series of solo efforts.
"Curtains" is the title of a song by Peter Gabriel. Originally a B-side to the 1987 single "Big Time", it was used many years later in several re-recorded versions in the 2004 Ubisoft game Myst IV: Revelation. The song and accompanying animation are designed to show the player that they are no longer in the same setting as the rest of the game (or normal reality in general).
Curtains is the third studio album by Tindersticks.
Typically, curtains are made of lighter weight fabric and give your windows a more homey look. There are three basic styles of curtains: panels, café and tier; and you'll find variations on each style. (For instance, Priscillas are a popular version of panel curtains.) Curtains can have rod pockets or tab tops for hanging on standard or decorative rods. Most of the Blair Home curtains are washable, making them practical choices for kitchens, family rooms, laundry rooms and children's rooms.
Usually two rectangles of fabric hung from a track or pole to decorate a window and give privacy.
Fabric shirred or gathered onto a rod.
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Attachable front and side enclosures that protect the helm area from weather.
Attached Valance Cafe Curtains Hourglass Curtains Lined Curtains No Sew Curtains Tabtop Curtains Unlined Curtains
Large sagging or runs of paint due to improper application.
Non-uniform densities that run lengthwise on the projected image; caused by inadequate agitation during pre-development and development.
Long horizontal runs in a coating film that occur on vertical surfaces when a coating is applied too heavily.
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drapes (generally plural only)