Definitions for "Director "
One of a body of persons appointed to manage the affairs of a company or corporation; as, the directors of a bank, insurance company, or railroad company.
Person who conducts the affairs of a company and who may in certain circumstances be liable towards creditors and shareholders in case of failure.
An officer of The Wyvern Group. Directors have final authority and responsibility for all aspects of Wyvern Rising and Wyvern Group operations.
Director is a collection of open source Web-server plugins to provide load balancing, clustering, and unified connection methods for different Web-servers on different platforms to the Enhydra application server.
The person who integrates all aspects of a production into a unified whole.
The person responsible for interpreting and bringing the script to life on stage, as well as the overall artistic unity of the production.
A Macromedia product used in the production of interactive applications such as games. Director files are compressed and saved as Shockwave files.
Macromedia Director is a multimedia authoring package for building interactive rich content, presentations and applications for CD-ROMs, DVDs, kiosks and the Internet. With Director an application can host an entire show of Video clips, music tracks, photographic images, games and complete live data functionality.
A multimedia authoring program for Windows and Macintosh from Macromedia. Runtime versions can be run, edited and switched between Windows and Mac platforms. Shockwave is a browser plug-in that lets output from Macromedia's Director, Authorware and FreeHand packages be viewed on the Web.
a Clinton appointee as well
an incompetent moron
an incompetent, unqualified patronage appointee
the supervisor of a duplicate bridge event.
Referee (in duplicate bridge). The director enforces the rules, assigns penalties for violations, and oversees the progress of the game. The director is also responsible for the final scoring. At a tournament there may be several directors, reporting to a Head Director.
The referee of a match.
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(1) The person designated by the Member Agreement who holds most executive authority in the W3C. By tradition, the Director is mostly concerned with technical issues. (2) Tim Berners-Lee.
a CFR member, but also campaigned to keep Pollard behind bars
a member of the COE's Instruction and Teacher Education faculty
One who, or that which, directs; one who regulates, guides, or orders; a manager or superintendent.
A person chosen by the members of a company to guide the management of a business.
The author of your background guide who is in charge of the committee and who decides procedural and substantive questions. Only the director may authorize the copying of resolutions.
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The Director of Auxiliary is charged with the active promotion and administration of Auxiliary affairs in a specific Coast Guard District.
Director is the fourth studio album by R&B singer Avant. It debuted in the top five but quickly fell off due to little promotion. So far three singles have been released "You Know What", "4 Minutes" and "Lie About Us".
An individual who has been sanctioned by the National Scrabble Association to run NSA Clubs and Tournaments. A director is the final adjudicator for questions or conflicts that arise during the course of an organized Scrabble game. See National Scrabble Association.
The person in charge of the tournament or event. The term "director" may be used to refer to the tournament director or the course director in multi-site tournaments. The Director may designate an official to rule on appeals.
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a big woman - Terry Weaver is not George Carlin's dream princess, but she is sharp as a tack, funny as all get out, and one of my best friends
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a shot across the bow of all those who howled about that, almost a dare to them to denounce a program most Americans strongly support
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a coup for Mr
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a more solid choice than most-except, it has seemed, in the Bush administration, which not only issues no raps but admits no blame
The Land Use Administrator or any person or company that s/he designates to assist him/her.
The Executive Director of Colorado Mediators & Arbitrators(tm) is the general administrator of arbitrations under these Rules or under other rules agreed to by the Parties.
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a national joke
the national Director of the BLM.
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a better politician
a Pool (typically a Enterprise Edition server) with no locally homed users, and acts as a authorization/AD-routing proxy for outside users and domains, protecting internal Live Communications Servers against unauthenticated SIP traffic
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The component of PrinterOn Focus that resides inside firewall protection. Director collects print requests from Listener. Using the information in the Printers tab, Director maps print requests to the correct printer. The Queue Monitor is a component of Director.
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a liar " Click here to read
an absolute platitude in the quarters of the highest U
Highest authority within the four professional schools of the University.
The main Bacula server daemon that schedules and directs all Bacula operations. Occasionally, we refer to the Director as DIR.
A part of a machine or instrument which directs its motion or action.
A slender grooved instrument upon which a knife is made to slide when it is wished to limit the extent of motion of the latter, or prevent its injuring the parts beneath.
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an advocate and champion of distance education learning
an observer and he would love to observe the people and learn how they behave
The lead architect for W3C. The Director also approves Recommendations, Activity proposals, and charters; designates Group Chairs; and acknowledges Submission requests.
aka Principal. Many charters use this different name to reflect that the administrator of an independent public charter school has many responsibilities beyond that of a traditional school principal.
The director of the TBPC's Central Purchasing Division.
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The cable address of CIA Headquarters.
a mindset to keep Congress fully and currently informed on intelligence matters
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a director (as defined under section 9 of the Act) of the listee.
the person who leads a musical group
a person who, hopefully, brings a vision to the screen, and you do that by using a team
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Director Exception Dirty price
A conductor placed in front of a driven element to cause directivity.
The parasitic element of an array that reinforces energy coming from the driver element.
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a story-teller, and to be a good story-teller, you need to
a driver that operates on a local address, either determining how its delivery should happen, or converting the address into one or more new addresses (for example, via an alias file)
Controls the action and dialogue in front of the camera. Translates the written word into visuals and dialogue.
a highly experienced marketing consulting professional
a certified building inspector as well
a medical doctor, with a degree in environmental science
someone who controls resources and expenditures
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The player who writes the Scripts, creates Roles, and runs the Movie.
For tax purposes, Directors' income is treated in the same way as other employees, although there are differences in the way National Insurance and company benefits are dealt with.
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A part-time director, usually with a specific expertise.
The Director of the Department of Economic Security.
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a four-star Air Force general
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Power director