Definitions for "Annual Meeting"
Yearly meeting of stockholders held to elect directors and to take action on other matters presented for consideration. Not generally required for investment companies.
The company gathering, usually held at the end of each fiscal year, at which the previous year and the outlook for the future are discussed and directors are elected by shareholders.
A term commonly used to refer to annual meetings of shareholders or directors of a corporation.
a major source of important information for the media as well as an important vehicle for keeping AAA members abreast of latest developments across the discipline and for encouraging approaches to research and teaching
an overwhelming experience, even if the number of participants and sessions to attend makes you wonder whether the world needs yet another anthropologist, the members of CAE knows how to make you feel at home
a wonderful time to spend in camaraderie with fellow Association members
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a great opportunity to obtain one-half of your annual CLE requirements and enjoy a fun, relaxing weekend
a three day mela of fun, laughter, enjoyment, friendship and intellectual discourse
an ideal venue for us to demonstrate the robust capabilities of our enhanced toll-free voicemail systems, including our
a smoke-free event
an informative and energizing experience and permits one to share experiences, successes and failures alike, with others who are dedicated to preserving dark skies
The Society of American Archivists holds an annual conference for several days in late summer. More than 70 sessions, tours, and special events cover a wide range of subject matter.
an incentive to make progress, and not an endorsement
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asset coverage at par
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a natural combination