Definitions for "CAE"
crossing-area engineer
The application of information technology to elements of the design and engineering process. It includes all types of performance systems, e.g., heat transfer, structural, electromagnetic, aeronautics, and acoustic analysis.
Caprine Arthritis-Encephalitis
short for Chinese Algae Eater, an infamous algae eating fish submitted by medicineman
Chinese Algae Eater. Gyrinocheilus aymonieri A cyprinid, which eats algae while young, but as an adult, can get very aggressive and become more omnivorous.
Certificate of Advanced English
Certificate in Advanced English of the University of Cambridge
Certificate in Advanced English. Widely accepted English high-level language qualification. Managed by UCLES.
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Abbreviation for: control area extension Fr: CAE Canada Air Pilot A document in which the Minister may establish standard procedures for air operations at specific aerodromes. abbreviation: CAP Fr: Canada Air Pilot Canada Flight Supplement A joint civil/military publication, containing information on aerodromes, that is used as a reference for the planning and safe conduct of air operations. This document is issued every 56 days. abbreviation: CFS see also: Airport/Facility Directory Fr: Supplément de vol — Canada
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Critical Art Ensemble
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Clean Affordable Energy
The Combined Annual Efficiency is a measure of the amount of heat produced for every dollar of fuel consumed for both home and water heating.