Definitions for "Software"
a program which gives a computer instructions so that it will perform tasks.
1. All or part of the programs, procedures, rules, and associated documentation of a data processing system. Software is an intellectual creation that is independent of the medium on which it is recorded. 2. (IRM) Programs, logic, and data that automates functions and operations of a computer system. Executes on hardware.
Instructions, usually stored on disks, that tell the computer what to do. Compare hardware.
a member of OASIS, tracking Web Services Management, Web Services Security and SOA Enablement standards
a sales and marketing deal that will bring the SOA specialist into projects that require more sophisticated security and policy management capabilities than AquaLogic currently offers
The advantages of software encrytion is its flexibility. For example an algorithm written in C (or Vb for example) can be changed and modified
Software is a 1982 cyberpunk science fiction novel written by Rudy Rucker. It won the first Philip K. Dick Award in 1983.
a comprehensive interactive tool for analysis and viewing information from aircraft flight data recorder
a comprehensive tool to manage aircraft lease contracts
a developer tools company in Houston, Texas and they've got a new product
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a developer of high quality and robust automatic trading systems
a graphical package using a Window NT Operation System
a perfect system for reducing the cost of distribution of these products
a privately held company backed by leading investors including Redpoint, Mellon Ventures, Palisades Ventures Fund and Paladin Capital Group
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"class-in-a-box," Software available from IWDC, Utilizing StudentLink email distribution of installation and configuring of lecture hall, installation of reporting problems with requests for via Course Information form (CINFO)
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My fuzzy pajamas.
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a digitized library of key technical information contained in a few compact discs
Music and information stored on discs and tapes. Example: CD, CDG, LD, DVD, VHS cassettes, VCD, music soundtracks, and Karaoke discs.
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Free Software mySpace Graphics WordPress WordPress Plugins WordPress Themes
a comprehensive suite designed to simplify array provisioning and management of the high performance HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) family of products
a fully integrated asset management suite
a creative media and innovative technical solutions firm providing interface design, development and backend solutions, hosting, e-marketing, and corporate identity services
a recognised brand among carriers for innovation
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Subsoil] No description extant
a division of Tax Management Inc
a trade name of ServiceWare Technologies, Inc
Telecommunications Textiles and Nonwovens
The right software can help the racer to analyze the lap times and other testing data. The Lap Tracker is a fine example of professional and affordable lap time analysis software.
The doctype keyword and doctype that you use to document software. This doctype has seven designs for documentation ranging from advertising brochures and small pocket guides to large reference manuals. These designs are SOFTWARE.BROCHURE, SOFTWARE.GUIDE, SOFTWARE.HANDBOOK, SOFTWARE.POCKET_REFERENCE, SOFTWARE.REFERENCE (the default doctype), SOFTWARE.SPECIFICATION and SOFTWARE.ONLINE.
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an Add-In for Microsoft Excel and provides a custom menu of DEA approaches
an excellent organizing device for the design and development of single models, written either by individuals or by groups
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a penny stock
a full menu driven power measurement
a workflow driven professional services automation
a collaborative electrical engineering powerhouse with point-and-click simplicity
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a very reliable product," says Cushman
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a bizarre business and so are the people in it
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a GBM/IBM Business Partner
a global information technology company
a property of the Institute of Information Technology under the Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology
a competitive response, it's a consortium response, which is not just banking, they have nonbanking ownership as well
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All services aboard a cruise ship.
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a point-of-care solution for validating the administration of medications
a true CAD/CAM solution that offers CAD and CAM functionality within one user interface
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a top priority, she insists
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Spam/Spim Standards & Protocols Unix
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a launchpad to leading web sites on
a Virtual Interface Architecture implement for Myrinet
(92) - indicates a a piece of educational software [listed in electronic versions only]. For materials about software, see CINAHL subject heading: SOFTWARE or specifics.
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Start to Start Subsidy
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an automatic peak search routine which marks the identified peaks as ROIs
a leading supplier to the process industry in Finland
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a rare find in talent, quality, and work ethics
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may include USB setup, image-editing or storage software
An inventory of the software you had before the disaster as well as the software you will need for recovery, including any temporary software license keys
an ideal accessory for recreational fishing and for finding new places to explore on the water
a simulation platform dedicated to Non Destructive Testing, composed of simulation, imaging and analysis modules
means any software we may supply to you for use in conjunction with the Service, including any upgrades and updates.
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an Australian based
an evolving activity, so it presents a moving target for users
a high growth, technically minded organization
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a web design company with a team having years of experience designing and developing the best websites for companies like yours
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a positive return on investment
a company specialized in Java and Object Technology
a relational database and is flexible in accepting customers' required level of data
a leading provider of Service Resolution
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information that drives machines.
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a simple interface which allows users to view information about various mortgage plans, giving them the
a leading Internet browser company that
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Another term for audio or video recordings.
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a member of WS-I
a third collection of page effects called
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a low-involvement purchase
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a publically listed company