Definitions for "Services"
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A fixed sum due to the papacy from a prelate who had been provided to his see or abbacy. (Heath, Peter. Church and Realm, 1272-1461, 238) Related terms: Annates
a trading name and trademark of the British Medical Association, and is an introducer appointed representative of AWD Wealth Management Limited, Moneyextra Mortgages Limited and Heath Lambert Limited (HLL)
a trading name and trademark of the British Medical Association, and is an introducer appointed representative of AWD Wealth Management Ltd (AWDWML), AWD Moneyextra Ltd (AWDMXL), Heath Lambert Limited (HLL) and The Funding Corporation Limited (TFCL)
activities offered for sale to customers, (advice, transport, banking, insurance, restaurants, hotel rooms, etc.)
Intangible product; the work performed by one person for another.
Intangible items for purchase, such as haircuts or tax advice, that provide customer satisfaction without the ownership of a tangible item.
furnishing of labor, time or effort by a contractor.
Means useful labor performed pursuant to a Contract for Goods and/or Services.
Any services provided by Covisint, whether directly or indirectly through Suppliers, relating to or in support of the Exchange, including services performed by Covisint Group pursuant to a Professional Services Product Agreement, if applicable.
Useful labor that does not produce a tangible commodity, typically professional or technical in the project environment. [D02872] Webster
activities of value performed for the benefit of a consumer or a business that do not result in the ownership of anything tangible (pp. 68, 190)
Includes, without limiting the generality of the expression, advising, consultancies, installations and the performance of professional or trade operations of any kind, including major building works.
Work that has value, such as the work of lawyers, doctors, actors, electricians, plumbers, etc.
Objects that perform work for other objects that request it. See: Delegation
a full service general anesthesia provider at the Huntsville Hospital and the Womens and Childrens Hospital in Huntsville Alabama
a key component in helping clients stay out of the hospital and court system
Specific assistance provided by DJJ or programs and agencies to which DJJ refer juveniles and their families, for example: drug & alcohol groups; victim impact; anger management; Be Proud, Be Responsible; community work service; etc. If a program or agency then sends a juvenile to additional services, it will NOT be entered here, but should be reflected in Chronos, e.g.: referred to Hospitality House and the staff chooses to send the juvenile to a drug & alcohol class.
Technical expertise purchased, whether individuals or a group of people (like an CSO or another firm).
a company which can offer an expertise and knowledge that no other company can offer the liquor industry or ever hope to offer
a matter of educational policy within its expertise
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Delivered directly to target audience and lead directly to the achievement of outcomes. Services might include, e.g., workshops, productions, or mentoring.
Executable processes installed in the Windows registry and administered by Windows. Once services are created and started, they can run even when no user is logged on to the computer.
options which can appear in the UC-eLinks menu window some services are getFullTxt, getHoldings, getDocumentDelivery, getWebServices
The many initial and ongoing tasks required to set up and operate a network, servers, and other devices. IBM Global Services and its competitors offer these services to customers.
a registered company with ongoing integrity that serves the Secret Shopping Industry
Your retailer or local lawnmower shop should be able to offer the service and parts you will need, from tune-ups, to oil changes, to blade sharpening. Changing the oil is important to insure the life of the mower's engineÑdon't forget.
a business company established in Senegal
a company dedicated to recovering unsatisfied judicial judgments on behalf of our clients
a contract employment company that staffs for major telecommunications companies across the nation
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The occupation and duties of entities who are operating and designed to provide training, technical/medical assistance, advocacy, etc. to children with special needs and disabilities.(children, toward them, needs, with them, work will be done, with it, centers)
performance of duties or provision of space and equipment helpful to others; "the mayor tried to maintain city services"; "the medical services are excellent"
Employment in duties or work for another, as for a company: has been in the companys service for 15 years. The collective offerings of a person or company. We have many services to offer.
A set of functions proved by one OSI/ISO layer or sublayer entity, for use by a higher layer or sublayer entity or by management entities.
a case management approach
a large-scale data management CRO
A term used in Economic Base Theory to identify a firm engaged in economic activities that serve local residents (also called non-basic activities).
Activities performed by people, firms, or government agencies to satisfy economic wants.
Noninvestigative public or private nonprofit activities provided or continued as a result of an investigation or assessment. In general, only activities that occur within 90 days of the disposition date are included in NCANDS.
a virtual assistant administrative support service that collaborates with successful and professional small businesses
a Virtual Assistant service that collaborates and builds long-term relationships with successful and professional small businesses, entrepreneurs, SOHOs (small office, home office), and individuals
an important milestone for the Czech Republic and the whole Telefonica Group
a leading property agency specializing in property on the idyllic and tranquil island of Gozo
an approved service facility
Services provided by a College that are not explicitly " academic". e.g. Bookstores, Counseling, Career Centers, Child Care, Dining Facilities, Financial Aid, Internship programs, Parking, Placement Centers, Security Assistance, etc
The deliverables of the IT services organization as perceived by the customers; the services do not consist merely of making computer resources available for customers to use.
The physical and biological functions performed by a natural resource for the benefit of another natural resource or the public.
A service is a function that is supported by a subset of endpoints in a zone. Access a service by dialing a prefix attached to the name or phone number. Services allow you to dynamically add more resources, such as a Gateway, into the system. In RADVISION implementations you can define access privileges per endpoint for each service.
WTO agreements cover three areas: goods, services and intellectual property rights. Disciplines in the area of services are contained in the General Agreement on Trade in Services.
Products that cannot be stored and are consumed at the place and time of their purchase. Related terms: durable goods, nondurable goods, structures.
a good example
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an EOE Employer
a quality employment matching service
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A branch or multiple branches of the United States Armed Forces. There are five in all: the Army, the Air Force, the Coast Guard, the Marine Corps (or Marines) and the Navy.
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a leader in the administration of complex government programs and data management
a leader in vinyl replacement windows , interior/exterior painting to name a few
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The pipes that carry water from the water mains to the customers, also called laterals.
The conduits, pipes and lines that carry water, telephone, electricity, sewage, etc.
In CT Access, a group of logically related telephony functions. A service may be implemented on multiple hardware boards. No matter what hardware is providing the functionality, all services with the same functionality have a standard API. This allows device independent programming.
In Persistence Builder, classes that implement the low-level functionality required to store and retrieve objects from the data store.
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Services at Bennett House Residential Home. View page
The Services page presents links to detailed descriptions of each of the services Alice offers.
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means the service which you request the Agent to provide via the Website includes the Level 1 Service and the Ask An Agent Service.
Network and other Services, including Orange Additional Services, provided or procured by us for you to use.
A Windows process that continuously runs in the background and performs a specified operation at predefined times or in response to certain events.
Three default services are referenced by the server configuration and when processing scripts. They are Default Authentication Service, Default Authorization Service, and Default Accounting Service. Each service has a type and (if it is using remote servers) an ordered list of servers to use.
Something offered to the public or industry in response to need or demand.
the services (therapies, instruction, treatment) given to a child with special needs.
The social services industry's name for their actions, even when destructive of families.
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Incoming gas, electric and water supply.
The provision or system of supplying an existing need.
an area that attempts to directly answer the student body's desires
All services relating to a library model system, such as a mobile library system.
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The term “Services” shall mean Hosting Services and Maintenance Services.
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Something to help someone or give someone
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See Product and Services.