Definitions for "CSO"
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Chief Security Officer
Customer Service Officer
Computer Services Office, Mechanical Engineering
See Commissioner's Standard Ordinary.
Commissioners' Standard Ordinary. A mortality table approved by the NAIC in 1958 as a standard for evaluation and for computation of nonforfeiture values for Ordinary Life policies. The CSO 1941 tables superseded the long-used American Experience Table, compiled in 1868, and the American Men Table, published in 1918 but never as widely used as the American Experience Table. The CSO 1958 superseded the CSO 1941 and is now required as a minimum basis for use by all companies.
Commissioners Standard Ordinary. A mortality table used by actuaries to determine premium levels by estimating the probability of death at any given age.
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Community Service Organization. A Mexican-American self-help organization active throughout California in the 1950s. Cesar Chavez was recruited and trained to work as an organizer for the CSO. He became one of their most successful organizers and left the organization to found his National Farm Worker Association in 1962.
central selling organization
Central Statistical Organisation
CC's Husband, the ChaliceSignificantOther. He was just her boyfriend when she started calling herself ChaliceChick and his nickname has stuck. CC is always bugging him to write blog posts.
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Chicago Symphony Orchestra
A combined flow consisting of stormwater and raw sewage. This flow is usually the result of excess sewage flows being deliberately or sometimes accidentally discharged directly into the stormwater system. The combined flows then discharge directly to receiving waters.
Combined sewer overflow
Designed discharge from a combined sewer system into a stream. Usually occurs during heavy rainfall.
Composite Second Order Beat. The peak of the average level of distortion products due to second-order non-linearities in cable system equipment.
Composite Second Order. An important distortion measure of analog CATV systems. It is mainly caused by second-order distortion in the transmission system.
Community Service Obligation. When the government specifically requires a government business enterprise to provide a service that the enterprise would not elect to do on a commercial basis.
see Community service order.