Definitions for "Community"
Common possession or enjoyment; participation; as, a community of goods.
A body of people having common rights, privileges, or interests, or living in the same place under the same laws and regulations; as, a community of monks. Hence a number of animals living in a common home or with some apparent association of interests.
Society at large; a commonwealth or state; a body politic; the public, or people in general.
A political entity, such as a county, parish, town, city, or township, that has the authority to adopt and enforce floodplain ordinances for the area under its jurisdiction.
Defined by the NFIP as any State, area, or political subdivision; any Indian tribe, authorized tribal organization, or Alaska native village; or authorized native organization that has the authority to adopt and enforce floodplain management ordinances for the area under its jurisdiction. In most cases, a community is an incorporated city, town, township, borough, or village, or an unincorporated area of a county or parish. However, some States have statutory authorities that vary from this description..
1. A group of individuals organized into a unit, or manifesting some unifying trait or common interest; loosely, the locality or catchment area population for which a service is provided, or more broadly, the state, nation, or body politic (Last's epidemiology definition). 2. A political entity that has the authority to adopt and enforce laws and ordinances for the area under its jurisdiction. In most cases, the community is an incorporated town, city, township, village, or unincorporated area of a county. However, each State defines its own political subdivisions and forms of government (FEMA definition). See also catchment area.
An essential element of parish life, which draws parishioners together with Jesus Christ in mutual support, activity and celebration.
a group of men and women who have found the truth in Christ and in his gospel, and who follow the truth and join together to follow it more strongly
comprises all pods that travel together; pods from different communities have never been seen together.
a closed phenomenon
a dynamic phenomenon that needs to be nurtured and built upon
a living, growing entity that must be nurtured and tended like a vegetable garden
a co-existing ecosystem where differences only illuminate and make the ecosystem more vibrant Do not jump into new fangled ideas without doing a small scale test on your desktop/laptop
a complicated and vibrant being in its own right
an extension of that love
What makes a website a community? And why bother having one? That's the million dollar question. Since its early days, the internet has been a home where communities could be created -- destinations for people who share like interests, or feel stongly about certain subjects. Bulletin boards, chat rooms, listervs have been their domain. Now those same venues are being incorporated into websites, and supplemented with news, links, and additional information. E-commerce sites are recognizing the value of community (a.k.a. "repeat customers") and try to re-create them on their own sites. Whether or not you are selling something, users love community, they want to feel as if real people are behind those screens. It's a reassuring feeling, and creates a long lasting affinity with your website.
When we use the term community it reflects the fact that we believe the bible teaches that followers of Christ become a part of a new family. We believe therefore that simply going to a church building once a week isn't adequate to experience a biblical view of community. We believe that all followers of Jesus need to become a part of communities in which they are known, loved and held accountable. We are strong advocates of Christians experimenting with residential forms of community, particularly the co-housing model.
The cards on the table shared by everyone.
a cultural entity, so the dimensions also apply to communities
a folder that with respect to accessibility lies somewhere between a public folder and a shared workspace
A dubious synonym for industry, as in the banking community, the investment community or the Hollywood community.
Community is a British trade union representing a range of workers concentrated principally in the steel, the clothing and betting industries. It was formed in 2004 as a merger between the Iron and Steel Trades Confederation (ISTC) and the National Union of Knitwear, Footwear & Apparel Trades (KFAT).
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Davidson College Wake Forest Univ Med Center Canterbury School My YMCA St. Paul's
Encyclopaedia Britannica 2002
a complete wankfest were great artists dont get a look in sometimes
a great honor
a great vehicle to catalyze eCommerce
a complex, multi-faceted, interrelated system
a multi-faceted experience, with challenges awaiting you in the classroom, through research projects, within extra-curricular activities, and through volunteer service
a little cliquity place for us stuck-up CP goers to congregate
an evolving entity that cannot be placed into a box
a place of friends
The collection of organisms included in a sampling unit (plot, quadrat, stand, etc.). This is the community in the concrete sense. Some ecologists apply it in an abstract sense as a recurrent association of organisms.
a collection of activities, organizations, and places and times where we can have conversations
a forum for establishing communication and social links across the organization
a fictitious body, composed of the individual persons who are considered its members
a member of The Valkyrie Profile Webring
an optional attribute that identifies the route as a member of a user-defined class of routes
a connection where the soul constitutes a unity with the body, where alterations of the body are at the same time alterations of the soul, and alterations of the soul at the same time alterations of the body
a dense network of relations binding members into a thick unity of purpose
an entity, a form of life and activity unto itself
a space which cannot claim to be big but it is nevertherless not too small to accommodate numerous entities
An administrative relationship between SNMPv1 entities; identified by a "community string".
agreement as to goals; "the preachers and the bootleggers found they had a community of interests"
a program for underrepresented students interested in medical and environmental science
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a floor or wing under the guidance of the RA
a group of individuals that function like a close-knit family, a haven for new ideas, guidance, and support
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a testiment to how wonderful a person he must be
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The eBay community is a general area where you can hold discussions, read reviews, view forums and find help from other members (but with this site you wont need that!)
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a password-protected online resource for the use of CBA students, faculty, and staff
an intense and focused artistic environment
a rich criminal environment when it comes to violating underage drinking laws
an active one that spends money and isn't afraid to do so with advertisers who support this site
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A folder in NTM which contains software for Macs and PCs as well as the 24 Hour Drop folder.
a collective of like-minded individuals that support one another
a gathering place of like minded individuals
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Whenever the word "community" appears in the text of the CRP, it refers to on-island residents.
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a very well informed and outspoken one
Any woodland existing or created for the benefit and enjoyment of a local woodland community.
Public stakeholders typically associated with a project. [D02488] RMW
an alliance of English-speaking nations led by the United States and United Kingdom for the purpose of gathering intelligence via signals intelligence
a conglomeration of characters, and you can't force your way in
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See Sangha.
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a matrix by itself
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a form of network, no doubt
Juvenile delinquency is becoming a serious problem in the community.
a natural reality, and the Law of Harmony is a natural universal law
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Portal to Community Information. View page
a collection of symbols and images
Collection of homes typically built by a single developer, sometimes gated - also referred to as a sub-division, similar to a new housing estate in the UK
a plus, as is academic/teaching experience
acquired infection-An infection that occurs through contact with an infectious agent in the community.
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European Community
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The cards face up on the table that all the players can use.
Cards Cards that are face-up and used by all players.
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a lot like that
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The scientific research community at large.
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Society as a whole; the public.
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a perfect way to educate a child
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a web site where the visitors can create their own account and then get in touch with other users
refers to diseases or health services which occur outside hospitals.
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a network of conversations
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a special type of account that other users can join, and post in
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a large, extended family
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See online community.
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an integral part of our student programs
It now includes many additional countries and companies throughout the world.