Definitions for "Confederation"
The act in which Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, and Ontario became the Dominion of Canada in 1867.
The short-hand term meaning union with the Dominion of Canada, a confederation of nine provinces. Confederation with Canada was debated in the National Convention, and was one of the options on the two referendum ballots in 1948.
the name given to the federation of Ontario, Québec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick when Canada was created in 1867. Six other provinces and three territories have since joined Confederation.
The act of confederating; a league; a compact for mutual support; alliance, particularly of princes, nations, or states.
the act of forming an alliance or confederation
a long-term association of states in which ultimate sovereignty (unlike in a federation) remains with the constituent states
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system of government in which decentralized units, such as states, are clearly dominant.
One of six regional bodies that govern groups of national soccer associations. See also CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, CAF, AFC, UEFA, OFC.
a group of states that are loosely joined together and have more power than the government of the whole country
A konfederacja (Polish for "confederation") was an ad hoc association formed by Polish nobility (szlachta), clergy or cities in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth for the attainment of stated aims. Such "confederations" acted in lieu of state authority or to force their demands upon that authority. A "confederation", so understood, should not be confused with the modern senses of a "confederation".
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the state of being allied or confederated
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a technique for reducing the IBGP mesh inside the AS
a group of ASs that collaborate and advertise themselves as a single aggregate AS
Organization responsible for football in their region (see acronyms)
A group of independent states or nations united for mutual advantages but without giving up power to act independently.
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The parties that are confederated, considered as a unit; a confederacy.
people united for a common goal