Definitions for "Parties"
(party) A person who enters into a legal transaction with another. In a contract between A and Z for example, they are each said to be a 'party' to the contract. They are collectively called the parties to the contract A person who participates in a legal proceeding, for example, as a plaintiff or a defendant. Click here to go back to the glossary. If you entered from another page click your web browsers "back" button
The persons who are actively concerned in the prosecution or defence of a legal proceeding.
The people officially a part of a divorce or other lawsuit.
Parties to the UNFCCC are those countries which have signed and ratified the convention. The European Union, in addition to each of the EU member states, is also a party to the convention. By analogy, Parties to the Kyoto Protocol are those countries which have signed and ratified the Protocol (no OECD country has yet ratified the Protocol, as of August 2000).
A Party to the Convention is a country that has ratified the Convention.
Governments who have signed up to the Convention on Biological Diversity
individuals directly involved in the conflict.
are persons or bodies who are in a dispute that is handled through a dispute resolution process.
are persons or bodies who are in a dispute that is handled through an ADR processes. (NADRAC's Standards Report)
the persons or companies who sign a contract with one another.p path* ativity or an unbroken sequence of activities in a project network. (Refer to critical path method for information on critical and non-critical paths).
Participants in a contract. Also, the festivities one plans with advance money once a plummy contract is negotiated with the help of your trusty BizTech Contract Guide.
College has decided that a party happens when there are 8 people to a room.. If you envisage this happening, get hold of a Party Form from the Lodge, and take it to the Dean for signing. You can also book a Public Room for larger scale parties, on behalf of yourself or societies. In this case you will also need to obtain a Room Booking Form (available from the lodge) and send it to the Domestic Bursar, or you can go to the Domestic Bursar and arrange it directly with him.
the adult people involved in the support case.
is the term used in court to describe the people involved in a domestic violence matter. (See domestic relationships for more details).
Organizations that seek to influence government by nominating candidates and working for their election.
These are the different groups of people who try to get elected to Parliament. They have their own set of ideas about what they think is most important, and what they want to do if they get elected. The parties that are represented in the Scottish Parliament at the moment are: Labour, the Scottish National Party, the Conservative Party, the Liberal Democrats, the Scottish Socialist Party and the Green Party.
These are events of group swinging with more than one couple. This is not to be mixed up with orgies. Private rooms can be used, but all swingers are under one roof.
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The term "Parties" refers to Hitachi Global Storage Technologies and you, collectively.
remedy sufficient consideration
Any individual, company, or entity involved as the primary participants in the arbitration and their attorneys or other representatives.
The Transmission Provider and the Transmission Customer receiving service under this Tariff.
The specific groups named in the policy, namely the insurer and the insured, plus any beneficiaries.