Definitions for "Representatives"
A member of the House of Representatives, elected for two year terms – all terms ending concurrently. The House of Representatives is the lower house of the bicameral Congress, in which representation is based on state population. The term is also used generally for other elected officials.
Legislators elected to two-year terms in November of even numbered years to the Assembly. Each of the 99 Assembly members represents a district containing about 52,000 persons.
Delegates assigned from local churches to conduct the business of EFCSW. They meet jointly at least once a year and serve as the final authority for business decisions.
Local representatives (Reps) who are available, if required, to pay home visits to give help and advice in the completion of loan applications.
Local representatives who are available on request for face-to-face consultation to answer any questions or queries you might have.
Representatives are staff from member organizations who are selected to participate in the activities and meetings of the coalition. Ideally, these people have an interest in the problem, and their activities on the coalition comprise part of their regular job responsibilities.