Definitions for "ADVICE"
a behavior that can be attached before, around or after a joinpoint in the pointcut specification
a method in an aspect class that's used as the "something different" to be done at a pointcut
a method that is called when a particular joinpoint is executed, i
1. A report from one party to another informing them of an occurrence with regard to some business transaction: a shipment, a collection, a manufacture etc.etc. 2. A notification by an advising bank on behalf of the issuing bank to a beneficiary informing them of the terms of a letter of credit
A note advising a customer that a transaction has been debited or credited into his account.
Tips and instruction given on the golf course. While well meaning and intended to improve your game, the best advise is "never take advise from an amateur". If you need help improving your game, or your mental health, seek a professional opinion.
Instruction on how a ball should be played. Only partners and caddies may be consulted without penalty.
Can't be given on course except by your playing partner in a Four-Ball, or by a caddie.
Any consultation from a Medical Practitioner or Specialist including the issue of any prescriptions or repeat prescriptions.
An opinion recommended or offered, as worthy to be followed; counsel.
Counseling to perform a specific illegal act.
Opinion or informal recommendation regarding a decision or course of conduct. source, date, time, subject description, scope, purpose, Comments made by an external expert on a proposed research project in a telephone call; response from a DOE lawyer to a question from another DOE employee about a possible employee relations issue.
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The smallest current coin. "The man was in such deep distress," Said Tom, "that I could do no less Than give him good advice." Said Jim: "If less could have been done for him I know you well enough, my son, To know that's what you would have done." Jebel Jocordy
In constitutional law, Advice is formal, usually binding instruction given by a constitutional officer of state to another. Heads of state in particular act on the basis of Advice¹ issued by governments and prime ministers. For example, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom formally appoints Ministers of the Crown on the advice of the British Prime Minister.
Monthly statement explaining payroll earnings for an individual with direct deposit. This statement shows employee and employer deductions, as well as amount of taxes withheld.
Report to employees whose pay is direct deposited showing gross pay, reductions, deductions, contributions, net pay, selected year-to-date totals and bank account number.
a proposal for an appropriate course of action
In investing, assisting an individual to arrive at an appropriate investment strategy after the process of exploring the individual's age or time horizon, attitude towards risk and assets.
The goal for investors is to earn the highest interest rate possible without sacrificing any security.
Deliberate consideration; knowledge.
Information or notice given; intelligence; as, late advices from France; -- commonly in the plural.
Message which notifies a party of an action that has been taken, requiring no approval.
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Advice is a concept in complexity theory.
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You will make some new and useful friends.