Definitions for "jim"
Abbreviation for 'Japanese Invasion Money', issued by the Japanese forces in the Second World War during their occupation of the Philippines, Malaya, Dutch East Indies, Burma and Oceania. Strictly speaking these were occupation and not invasion notes.
Japanese Invasion Money. paper money issued during World War II by Japan for occupied countries: Burma, Malaya, Netherlands Indies, Oceania, Philippines and Russia(not issued).
See big Jim
Uncle Ben's right hand man on the farm. Jim is a very big man either at 6'3" or 6'8" and very muscular with a big muscle belly on him. Jim's a nice guy and encourages (IYNH) to grow bigger with hard farm work. -Jim is also the name of a big bellied plumber. Jim is mostlikey bigger then (IYNH)'s Dad and has salt and pepper hair and a grey mustache. Jim is also a family man who just moved into town with his wife named Natalie, who is over 300lbs, son named Cory, who is 14 and the size of Mike and a daughter named Dee who is big just like the rest of the family.
Jim was a comic book series by Jim Woodring, which the artist described as an "autojournal". It contained comics on a variety of subjects, many based on dreams, as well as surrealist drawings and free-form text which resembled automatic writing. Besides dreams, the work drew on Woodring's childhood experiences, hallucinations, past alcoholism, and Hindu beliefs.
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Jim is a peer to peer filesharing client for the Mac platform using the giFT daemon on hte OpenFT network.
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Journey Into Mystery
JiM is simulator Fruit-Machine or simulator One-Bandit-Machine. He can change him "face", help Skins. Skin define all cilinder, buttons, displays, lights,.. and theirs bitmaps, xy-coordination and theirs configurations.
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See Jabber IM
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The smaller upside down guard between Ralph and his shield.